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Possible allergy?

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RustyPaperclip Mon 18-Jul-16 21:54:43

Our little girl cat has been suffering for the last 24 hours with wheezing and a very snotty nose. I am slightly worried about cat flu. I don't have much experience of cat flu apart from rehoming an old Siamese who had suffered for years. I feel slightly stupid for asking, but could it be hay fever? I have never known a cat with hay fever before, is it possible? I rarely suffer myself but pollen levels are extremely high where I am and I've been struggling for the last few days. She has extremely thick, green/ yellow mucus (apologies for the graphic description!) coming out of her nose, wheezy, and lethargic. We tried to get an appointment at the vet today but the first available appointment is tomorrow afternoon.

RustyPaperclip Tue 19-Jul-16 23:46:54

On the off chance it might help anyone else, she has been diagnosed with a severe chest infection and inflamed sinuses. She is on a strong course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories but is already a lot happier. New Bengal boy has been quite concerned and nuzzled her face occasionally.

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