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Moving house with grumpy cat

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StillCounting123 Thu 14-Jul-16 19:39:04

We've a beautiful 8 year old female domestic short-hair cat. Have had her since she was 8 weeks old.

Quite shy, skittish temperament. Easily scared by other neighbourhood cats. Likes lying around house cosy, not fan of being stroked much.

Is not an indoor cat, goes outside at night most of time.

Has not used a litter box since she was kitten, as my personal preference was for her to pee/poo outside as we have children and I feared them touching litterbox.

But, we're getting ready to move house. Moving next month.

I've no idea what to do with her! I've heard that cats need to be kept inside for a few weeks, but no.idea how that'd work in practice.

How do I get her to use litter box?!? Best to start trying now, or wait till we're in new house? Scared of my lovely new carpets being pooed on blush

Any advice gratefully received.

Mycatsabastard Thu 14-Jul-16 19:47:54

We moved last year and boy cat who is 14 years old, practically lived on our shed roof, even at night. He only came in for food and to slash a few ankles.

When we moved we put both cats in carriers and put them in one room with food, water and two litter trays. They were kept in for two weeks. He had no option but to use the trays and was actually fine with it. Now he's allowed back out he doesn't use them except maybe at night as they are kept in at night now.

Just carry on letting cat out now but once you move, ear mark a certain room which they can be kept in for the first couple of days and then let them explore their new home.

Oddly boy cat was quite timid in the new house whereas girl cat was quite happy and took to the move very easily.

StillCounting123 Thu 14-Jul-16 20:38:01

Thanks for advice, plus I love your user name! grin

Will try to designate a room as being "cat's room" for a few weeks and make sure my kids don't open the door.

Exciting time, moving house, lots to do - and here I am fretting about a cat who couldn't give a stuff about me unless I've got a tin of tuna in my hand.

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 14-Jul-16 22:03:50

I have just moved my two cats, the posh arrogant boy ( who is very unpredictable and quite frankly dangerous) and the tailless wonder who after four years had just settled in the previous cat.
48 hrs before the move I kept them in overnight, 24 hrs before the move I took them to the cattery I instructed the cattery under no circumstances to attempt to touch the posh arrogant boy and that they were unlikely to see the tailless wonder.
They stayed in the cattery for 48 hrs, I then brought them home to the new house. They are very unimpressed. The posh arrogant boy has peed on the carpet four times in 9 days, the tailless wonder has vomited twice and has considered leaping from first and second floor Windows. I am going to stick it out for at least two weeks before they go out.

Mycatsabastard Thu 14-Jul-16 22:42:28

Still There's another poster called Mycatisabiggerbastardthanyours, we met on a thread about a snake funnily enough!

I don't think you need to keep them in one room for a few weeks, just a couple of days and then let them explore the new house so they can sniff everything and reassure themselves that their humans and furniture still belong to them.

We put both ours in their carriers and took them straight round so they had minimal time in the car and in their carriers and then left them in the one room. Boy cat hid for about a week, I had to slide his food under the table he was hiding under but girl cat, who generally takes fright if a leaf falls off a tree was happily bouncing round the whole house within 24 hours. I do think taking your cue from them is best.

Neither of ours has done anything like pee on carpets at all. We have since got a third cat who has also settled in well apart from the first week where she hid under a wooden unit and savaged any flesh who came within striking distance!

Good luck in your new home, I hope your cat appreciates the stress you are feeling on her behalf ungrateful little fuckers

StillCounting123 Thu 14-Jul-16 23:11:54

Ha! Great, thanks. Looking forward to the move even more now.

QOD Thu 14-Jul-16 23:20:39

I moved Monday. Cat was in cat box for 4 hours then in a dog crate for 5
He's been roaming round the house for the last 4 days. Happy ish but growls when he looks out of window

I got a feliway plug (google it) today and I dint kno that it's made a difference but I intend on keeping him in for 2 weeks
I got a deep litter tray and put him in it a few times and scraped his paw in the litter. He's pooed and peed in it

StillCounting123 Fri 15-Jul-16 10:29:02

Yes, I've heard about those plug-in things, but feared it was a gimmick. Will Google it later and read reviews.


QOD Fri 15-Jul-16 17:13:41

My cat is settled and happy ish but nervous of the windows and doors - poor boy
Plug came yesterday
Not sure if it helps to be honest. Maybe it takes time

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