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Is it weird to like cars more than dogs?

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bluetongue Wed 13-Jul-16 12:38:10

I've been a cat owner all my life and an animal person,in general. Since I was little I always wanted a dog as well as a cat.

A few weeks ago my amazing 10 year old cat and only current pet died after a chronic illness. I was heartbroken (still am) and very unsure what to do next pet wise. Getting another cat straight away seemed wrong the emotions were just too raw. Instead I decided to indulge my curiosity for dog ownership and foster an ex racing greyhound.

The greyhound has really helped me get over my cat's death and is a lovely dog. Before looking after a dog I thought that dogs and their owner's had some secret club and special bond but I've come to realise that with some cats the bond can be just as close as with a dog. Plus there's also the fact that dogs are more work, smell more and generally cost more to own.

As a result of all this I now realise that I still like dogs but am more of a cat person. Is there anything better than a warm cat in your lap, purring and padding contentedly?

Not surprisingly I'm now planning to get another cat (or two grin) and being a proud cat lover.

bluetongue Wed 13-Jul-16 12:38:58

Obviously title should read cats not cars!

DramaAlpaca Wed 13-Jul-16 12:47:34

Not weird at all but it would be weird to like cars more than dogs wink

I am a cat person to the bone, but I also have dogs and love them too. Just not as much as I love my cats. I have two of each.

You can definitely bond just as much with a cat as you can with a dog. It all depends on the cat. DS and his cat have a wonderful bond, just as I had with the cat I grew up with.

I've kind of been forced to love our pup as he has completely bonded with me, which I didn't expect. He's supposed to be DH's dog! And to my surprise I really do love him, he's the doggy love of my life.

Sorry for the loss of your puss, btw flowers

PinkSparklyPussyCat Wed 13-Jul-16 12:54:03

Definitely not! I like dogs (and adored the one I grew up with) but I would definitely rather have cats now.

Harry isn't a lap cat but he's very bonded to both of us in his own way. If we're in the garden he has to come and see what we're doing, he sits with us in the evening and goes on holiday with us. He stayes wilth me if I'm not well also follows me to the toilet (if I say wee wees he's there like a shot blush). The bonus is he doesn't need walking!

bluetongue Wed 13-Jul-16 13:01:35

I have to say I'm pretty sure ny cat was smarter than my foster dog is too grin He is a greyhound though...

People do seem to be a bit shock when I tell them I'm not going to adopt foster dog. Pretty sure he's not cat friendly and the thought of not having a purry feline friend for possibly the next 10 years is unthinkable. He is lovely and goofy though and I'm sure he'll get a fantastic home soon enough.

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