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Has anyone had a kitten then then a newborn?

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kiki22 Sun 10-Jul-16 12:27:06

Our cat is just over 1 still very much in the crazy kitten stage most of the time, very inquisitive and likes to be around people. We have a 4 year old so he's plenty used to noise and kids he loves to play with ds or sit and watch him play he also sleeps in ds's room a lot.

No worries about the cat suffocating the baby or attacking it just about how to get him used not being able to go in the cot/bouncer/pram without shouting or chasing him away. When should I start introducing things sspca website said 4 months before baby I'm way past that now.

WeirdAndPissedOff Sun 10-Jul-16 14:30:56

I haven't but Dbro has. The cats were pretty much an identical ag to yours, too.
Luckily they were both fairly easy-going, and still young enough that they just accepted baby - very curious of course but they soon got bored!

Unfortunately they do constantly need to be shooed away from baby's things - not just the cot and pram, but milk and dummies as well.
We've not found a better way to get them to leave things alone other than just telling them off - no harshly, just a "no" and move away.
They know now what they're not allowed, so they go near them less, but not always effective - you know how cats are. grin

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