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To date, Obie has crapped...

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StillMedusa Mon 04-Jul-16 21:21:52

In my flower bed. (SO I repositioned a load of cacti there between the flowers) He crapped around the cacti.
In the gravel.. yeah I know , one giant cat litter tray, complete with giant cat turds
And NOW the ginger furry bastard has taken to crapping in my veg trug! It's 3 feet off the ground, 6 feet long and WAS filled with beetroot and carrot seedlings. Now filled with ..yes you guessed... giant Maine Coon cat turds.
I have given up hope on seedlings.. planted a cucumber and some runners and have covered the (fresh compost) soil with little pot plants in hope of deterring him. I swear to god he looks on it as a challenge!

He HAS a fresh litter tray. He just enjoys watching me removing yet more poo I swear.

Is there ANYTHING that might deter him a bit?!

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 04-Jul-16 21:33:03

Give up gardening and drink more. It's the best way to cope.

RubbishMantra Tue 05-Jul-16 12:04:59

Feeling your pain Medusa.

I have only a small raised flowerbed, and they're systematically killing the plants. First the lavender, then my beautiful honeysuckle.

They trample the rest, pretending to be tigers hiding in the jungle.

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