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Large lump after vacs/microchip

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CattDamon Sun 03-Jul-16 15:08:49

So my kittens had their second lots of vaccinations & microchipping about 2 weeks ago. I have just noticed a small lump on one cat, which I assumed was the microchip/vaccination.

However on inspecting my other kitten, her lump is significantly larger. It doesn't seem sore & her behaviour has been normal.

Should I nip them to the vets or shall I wait to see if it goes down? They're due to go to the vets in another two weeks for repeat worming/de-fleaing & to talk about & arrange spaying.

I love these bloody things & don't want anything to happen, hence being cautious.

Has anyone experienced the same after vacs & microchipping their cats?

RubbishMantra Sun 03-Jul-16 16:07:56

The microchip should feel like a grain of rice under the skin.

MCat got a lump after his jabs once, I took him to the vet and was prescribed Metacam. So yes, I would take them.

Puzzledandpissedoff Sun 03-Jul-16 17:10:03

Yes, both of mine developed a lump after their first shots; it scared me at the time, but luckily I discovered them just before their next vet visit and they said it's very, very common. They also told me the lumps should disappear over a couple of weeks, which is exactly what happened

Unless you're really worried, perhaps keep an eye on the lump for the two weeks until the appointment - by which time it will probably have gone anyway smile

WeirdAndPissedOff Sun 03-Jul-16 17:23:43

Dsis had kittens who both had a lump appear after their jabs - it's not uncommon and nothing to worry about, just keep an eye on them. Mention it to the vets when you go back, especially if it's still there, but it's most likely nothing to worry about.

However if it gets any bigger, or the kitten's behaviour changes, then definitely take them to the vet straight away.

CattDamon Sun 03-Jul-16 17:36:43

Thank you for your help! I think I'll keep a watch & wait approach, but may ring the vet just for some further reassurance. Little kitten seems fine, eating lots, having mad bursts of energy where she swings from curtains & attacks everything, and is very affectionate. It just seems like a big lump for a little kitten.

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