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RubbishMantra Fri 01-Jul-16 22:45:58

My neighbour, with whom I share a courtyard, has just adopted a dog, who according to him "Hates cats, and attacks them." I've lived here for just over 2 years, so he was well aware I have cats. I was baffled as to why he might buy a cat killer, and offered to buy him a water pistol super-soaker, to deter my cats from wandering into his property. "Oh no", he said "I like them coming in my house".

Bought a Supersoaker as a gift for him, or maybe I should use it on him.--with added tabasco sauce.

BoatyMcBoat Fri 01-Jul-16 23:07:44

He sounds horrible and very odd. He has a dog which hates cats and yet he likes the cats coming in his house. That is seriously illogical, if not dangerous.

Tell him that if his dog hurts any of your cats, or if they come home with wounds which the vet can identify as coming from a dog, you will hold him personally responsible and expect him to pay the vet's bills. (I don't think you can actually make him do it but he might miss that.)

cozietoesie Fri 01-Jul-16 23:17:46

Remind me. Hasn't he done some other......slightly odd things?

RubbishMantra Sat 02-Jul-16 20:50:12

Sorry, got distracted and posted about the same thing twice. blush

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