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I need some help! needy cat!!

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crazyspaniellady Thu 30-Jun-16 15:11:52

As my username would suggest, I love dogs, but I'm one of these weird people that is both a dog person and a cat person.

I have one Dcat, she's 14 and she is my best friend, I've had her since she was a kitten, bit of a trouble maker in her early years, but now very much a lady of leisure. Always loved a little attention at bedtime but just five minutes was enough for her. Until about a year ago where she now sticks to me like glue! she'll make this horrible howling/meowing noise until I give her attention and when I'm lying in bed she'll sit under the bed directly under my pillow doing the howl/meow until I invite her up and she'll lie and paw at me, she'll lie there for hours on end getting stroked and scratched! I'll be trying to do some work on the computer and she'll meow and fuss until I put it down and pay attention to her! If I leave her overnight (she's not on her own, there's always someone in the house overnight) she will wee on my things (clothes, shoes, on the shelves of my wardrobe) I just don't know what's gotten into her, for the first 12/13 years of her life she was more than happy to go about her business, get her cuddles at bedtime and snooze on the other pillow, I'm worried there's something wrong.
I'm sorry it's so long but any help/advice is very much appreciated.

cozietoesie Thu 30-Jun-16 16:29:45

They can become a little needy/close when they age - although 14 isn't really that old these days, at least in my books.

Has she had a full health check recently?

Oh - and how are her faculties eg her eyesight?

(I assume she's eating/drinking/using her tray as normal ?)

isamonster Thu 30-Jun-16 16:41:24

My oldie is 17 and he can be a bit like his at times. He started howling 18 months ago maybe and my vet warned me that they can be a bit confused with age. He was always chatty but he can be very loud. He's very much my cat and likes more attention that he would have been after in the past at nighttime but I put some of that down to fact he used to sit and watch TV with exdp and misses him since we split up.

Has anything changed? Is she eating OK and as Cozie says has she seen a vet recently? I'd get her checked over...

crazyspaniellady Thu 30-Jun-16 16:41:52

Everything's grand, healthy, active, regularly spider-mans up the garden fence to go off exploring in next door's garden (nobody's told her that 14 is old). she certainly still has a healthy appetite and drinks regularly, hasn't strayed from the litter tray other than to pee on my things. nowhere else in the house, no one else's possessions, always when I'm not home overnight. and it's only me she clings to, there are two other perfectly good humans in the house she's grown up with.

crazyspaniellady Thu 30-Jun-16 16:45:17

eyesight and hearing are definitely fine, she was inside through the winter as she's not a fan of the cold so I had it down to 'cabin fever' but it's continued, she has always been very much 'my cat', although I suppose I'm out of the house more than I used to be so it could maybe be down to that, she's usually pretty good with change. is she maybe lonely? or bored? if so is there anything I can do?

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