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I have a fat cat..

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LazySusan11 Sun 26-Jun-16 15:03:06

I've been away for some weeks with work, dh took both of our cats for their yearly injections and check whilst I was away.

1 of our cats is apparently overweight and the weight loss clinic was advised. Dh has since cut their food down to 1/2 pouch each AM & PM (Whiskas) and a 'smattering' of biscuits.

I was expecting to find a healthy slimmer cat, instead I barely recognised her she's massive! Neither myself or dh understand it.

I'm not sure the exact weight I will phone the vet but she is over 4kg. I'm a bit pissed off with dh, it's unlikely she's eating elsewhere as she's 1 a fussy eater and 2 lazy she only goes out when she needs the loo.

Can anyone advise how much she should be eating? I'm stopping the biscuits as of now and hope that helps.

I'm told cats losing weight too quickly is not good for them, so until I can call my vet tomorrow could anyone shed any light on the amounts she should be eating?

RubbishMantra Sun 26-Jun-16 15:57:21

You can buy food for indoor/sedentary cats, so perhaps discuss that with your vet.

Are you sure that when she needs the loo, she's not gleaning extra food from a neighbour? You can buy "DO NOT FEED" collars from Amazon etc. Just make sure it's a snap off one, the elastic ones can cause horriffic injuries and death.

Have you got any interactive cat toys, to get her leaping and pouncing? Wand and fishing rod types are good for this. These are brilliant to get them moving, and have about a squillion attachments, so they don't get bored with the same toy.

Laser pointers are also good. At the moment, my youngest boy is obsessed with a cheapo feather wand, that came free with a sack of cat food. He's forcing me to play with it as I type.

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