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Names!! Can't give you a picture yet!

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Potentialmadcatlady Sun 26-Jun-16 10:01:05

Girls cat names for a quirky kitten preferably beginning with M...

cozietoesie Sun 26-Jun-16 10:03:30

Is she to be an outside cat? Two syllables work best for calling them.

Maya has some good connotations. smile

iklboo Sun 26-Jun-16 10:04:25


Potentialmadcatlady Sun 26-Jun-16 10:08:17

Indoor cat... Creamy sort of colour...dexon Rex...massive ears,grumpy face,short furred semi bald....

CinderellaFant Sun 26-Jun-16 10:11:16


RubbishMantra Sun 26-Jun-16 15:05:06

Medusa (sort of a play on the lack of hair)
Munkee (apparently a Devon slave owner was asked what breed of monkey they had, after a neighbour saw it through the window, swinging from the curtains)

Can't wait for the photographs. I love their little grumpy Gremlin expressions! And the frown lines in their foreheads! <stops self from ringing breeder to see if she has any available kittens>

Potentialmadcatlady Sun 26-Jun-16 20:52:29

You are not allowed Rubbish in case it's the same breeder!!

Potentialmadcatlady Sun 26-Jun-16 20:52:57

I'm sitting knitting a kitten blanket!

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