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Kitten won't eat chicken or any wet food

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MandyFl0ss Sun 26-Jun-16 07:33:21

Hello. Okay so girl kitten, 12 weeks old. Doesn't eat any wet food at all, I have tried 3 different brands now inc Royal Canin, Felix and Sainsbury's own with different ingredients inc tuna, cod, turkey, etc. Won't eat any of it.

Boy kitten happily eats all of it.

Boy kitten eats dry food as well as wet food but definitely favours wet.

Girl kitten also eats dry food. Should I just gradually move boy kitten to dry food only and be done with it? How can I make it varied if they just have the same dry food all the time?

I once made them steamed white cod and they both devoured it. Steamed chicken breast, they both liked it, yes, inc girl kitten who is not supposed to like chicken. Tinned tuna, only boy kitten liked it.

What to do?

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