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So fed up of seeing lost notices for Entire male cats!

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MaddyHatter Thu 23-Jun-16 11:00:53

I'm on both the local lost cat FB pages as i am a SAHM and will often help people by picking up strays and dead cats and taking them to the local vets in the hope they're chipped and owners can be traced. I'm considering signing up as a Scan Angel to cut out the need for the vets.

Both of my cats are neutered and microchipped, my boy also wears a collar with his name and our phone number printed on it as he roams a little further since i started letting him out than my girl cat does.

There must be 3-5 posts a day about lost male cats, and when you ask if they're chipped and snipped, the answer is invariably 'No'

ARGH... fgs, and they wonder why they wander?

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