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Heart murmur

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Bonbonchance Fri 17-Jun-16 17:33:16

My cat is nine and vet discovered a very faint heart murmur last year - said it was very common, not to worry as cat was otherwise perfect health, just of she became lethargic etc to come back. Yearly check up today (different vet same practice) said its progressed & that heart murmurs weren't common in cats, and to think if I wanted her referred to cardiologist. Didn't mention about her general health, signs to look up for etc. Felt she didn't do as thorough a check as usual.

So I'm confused, I'd pretty much do anything for my girl but I thought heart murmurs WERE common in cats and generally not sonething to worry about unless their general health was affected and just something to monitor. Research I did and was reassured by many of you last time too. Googling (I know!) leads me to possible causes like hyperthyroidism, so now I'm thinking "she's lost weight (as she was meant to as she'd gained before) & is more active - is that due to weight loss or something else? Should the vet have mentioned checking for causes? The fact that she said they weren't common in cats concerns me....confused

eleventybillion Fri 17-Jun-16 20:26:57

No idea OP if heart murmurs are common or not - hopefully a vet can help with that one.

But eleventycat has had a heart murmur pretty much all her life. It's pretty stable (gets a bit worse when she's poorly) but TBH I don't really think about it.

She's 16 (nearly 17) now and I can honestly say the heart murmur has been the least of our worries.

I wonder if you could get a second opinion?

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