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can I have a hand hold please?

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hollinhurst84 Thu 16-Jun-16 13:02:59

Ollie is missing and I'm hysterical sobbing. Searching since 4am and no sign

TheoriginalLEM Thu 16-Jun-16 13:06:20


call local vets as he may have been taken there if injured. Then do a social media blitz of local forums to ask people to check sheds and garages.

Of cours he'll saunter back in his own time and you'll just have to wondet what hes been doing. x

TheGirlOnTheLanding Thu 16-Jun-16 13:08:43

Omg your poor thing you must be frantic. But I'm sure he's just off adventuring or has got into somewhere he shouldn't (she'd or garage). Once you call round the vets, maybe knock on some neighbours' doors and ask them to check? Have you a local Facebook page for missing pets? Keeping everything crossed he strolls in soon.

ElegantDream Thu 16-Jun-16 13:10:37


cozietoesie Thu 16-Jun-16 13:12:00

Aww heck.

hollinhurst84 Thu 16-Jun-16 13:32:11

He went out at 1am so am suspecting probably not shut in garage
He's on lost sites and got a shared post going round Facebook
Out searching again

ElegantDream Thu 16-Jun-16 13:50:28

Make sure you speak to neighbours - that's what helped us in the end. Ask local children to keep an eye out when they are playing.

hollinhurst84 Thu 16-Jun-16 13:54:30

Have come in for a bit. It's so dense and so much not accessible he could be anywhere
Crying. Want my Ollie home

cozietoesie Thu 16-Jun-16 14:00:04

Thinking of you and the lad.

cozietoesie Thu 16-Jun-16 14:02:14

PS - remember, though, he was feral for a while if I recall?

He'll have street smarts.

hollinhurst84 Thu 16-Jun-16 14:07:11

4 years stray. I do think he's stuck
Checked main road and no sign, have scrambled through as many hedges/bushes as I can but a lot is not accessible
Can't hear him and that's worrying me

cozietoesie Thu 16-Jun-16 14:16:03

Not all cats do. In fact, he may have reverted temporarily to old behaviour patterns and just be hunkering down somewhere.

hollinhurst84 Thu 16-Jun-16 14:17:38

I hope so. My gut instinct says he's ok but can't get home
I only have today to look for him but I've trawled everywhere sad

cozietoesie Thu 16-Jun-16 14:35:17

Think about his curfew for when gets home, then. (I guess he'll be grounded?) smile

hollinhurst84 Thu 16-Jun-16 14:35:42

Grounded?!?! He's going in a cat hoodie and not coming out

ElegantDream Thu 16-Jun-16 15:08:04

Yeah, but you know he'll come back all sweet and innocent with those big eyes. You'll be putty.


Fluffycloudland77 Thu 16-Jun-16 15:34:42

Oh fuck. I know you'll be doing all you can.

hollinhurst84 Thu 16-Jun-16 15:39:50

Flyers now on the road he went missing on, stuck to lamp posts and offered reward
More neighbours aware, prayers to st Anthony
He's definitely 100% not been hit by car as I've been up and down the main road constantly and nothing
Searched a bit more

GRW Thu 16-Jun-16 18:42:53

I'm sorry and I hope you find him soon.

ElegantDream Thu 16-Jun-16 18:49:41

Any chance of a delivery van nearby? When. One mine missing, there had been a Tesco delivery and I was scared dcat had climber inside.

At night go round with a torch - shine it in bushes, in gaps and cracks, under sheds etc. In case he's stuck somewhere.

RubbishMantra Thu 16-Jun-16 20:36:46

I'm sure he'll rock up, with the "an' wot?" face.

Do you take a torch out with you, when searching? It makes their eyes reflect in the dark, so you can spot them more easily.

Could try putting some used litter/vacuum emptyings in your garden so he can smell his way home. It's worked for other posters on here.

I'm sure he'll be back, from the photos you've posted, he's obviously very bonded to you.

anoldiebutagoody Thu 16-Jun-16 21:01:12

Hope he comes home soon.

Wombat87 Thu 16-Jun-16 21:13:38

Hope he turns up for you OP. Holds hand. X

Vinorosso74 Thu 16-Jun-16 21:15:46

I wonder if he's gone on an adventure with his friend? Hope he's home soon.

hollinhurst84 Thu 16-Jun-16 22:09:17

Nothing. Going out for a last look

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