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advice on house move options

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GoogleMonkey Tue 14-Jun-16 12:04:02

I'm unexpectedly moving house and have a 5 year old cat who hates men and doesn't like change to think about.

Option 1: cat moves with me but has reduced room to roam (she's an indoor cat but her new space would be about half what she has now). I'd be there for up to two years.

Pros: she'd be able to stay with me, there would be other women in the house for company, she'd still have a good amount of room.

Cons: for a while I will be away monday-friday (but there would be other women there happy to fuss over her), there's the possibility it won't work out because one family member is allergic to cats (planning to mitigate this by regular cleaning, grooming and restricting cat to the top floor of the house - allergic family member spends most of their time on the ground floor. Cat would be in attic conversion but I may be kidding myself it'll work. Cat is a low allergy breed.)

Option 2: cat goes to stay with a couple I'm friends with.

Pros: more room, full access to the house.

Cons: couple plan to move mid next year, with the possibility that the woman will move sooner, leaving kitty with only a man for company, which she won't hate but she won't get the attention she likes.

If option 1 doesn't work out I could talk to the breeder about having her back on a temporary basis and look to move sooner.

I'm leaning towards option 1 but i don't know if thats being selfish and I'm worried it won't work out and there will be more change for her.

Sorry that's long! Any advice, or options i haven't thought about, would be gratefully received.

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