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Adult cat suckling?

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JustBoppinAlong Thu 09-Jun-16 07:54:01

I'm not sure if this is a common thing. Or if it's something I can 'stop'. Or if it's mean to stop it.

Basically my 3 year old female cat will come and find me and try to 'suckle' on my t shirt or jumper. The more fluffy the better.

She will knead and purr whilst she does it and drools absolutely everywhere. After a while if allowed to do this she will then curl up all content and go to sleep.

A friend mentioned that sometimes this happens if kittens are taken away from their mothers too early. I think she was about 12 weeks when I bought her.

I hate her doing it because she drools everywhere. But I feel mean pushing her away because she just gets persistent.

Anyone know why she does this it the purpose?

Stuffofawesome Thu 09-Jun-16 07:57:07

Mine does this but on her blanket. She prefers a knutted one but also likes fleece give her a blank and she might stop drooling on you

JustBoppinAlong Thu 09-Jun-16 07:58:47

I have tried giving her a blanket. Have even took my bathrobe off and just given it to her before now. Apparently it's only good enough if I'm wearing it :/

FreckledLeopard Thu 09-Jun-16 08:02:32

My boy cat latches on to my arm and kneads me with his paws while he 'suckles'. His sister doesn't. Cats are strange.

AddictedtoGreys Thu 09-Jun-16 08:03:02

My at kneads and purrs her blanket before lying on it, I used to have a cat that would do it to my hair when I was in bed! I think it's a comfort thing.

PhilPhilConnors Thu 09-Jun-16 08:05:20

My two 7 yr old cats suckle on our dog!
We found them as kittens, the dog was their adoptive mother and produced milk.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 09-Jun-16 08:07:15

Left over from feeding as a kitten I always thought. I thought it was a step on from purring ,they do it when they're really happy.

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Thu 09-Jun-16 08:08:20

Many pet cats never properly grow up around their human owners so it's not particularly unusual or anything to worry about.

Dizzydodo Thu 09-Jun-16 08:11:31

My cat is 4 and still does this sometimes, only on a fluffy blanket or dh dressing gown. I asked the vet about it when he was tiny and she he'd probably grow out of it but he never did! I wouldn't worry about it unless he's wrecking your clothes

stressedandalone Thu 09-Jun-16 08:34:22

Mine does this. Every time I wear anything fleece it or fluffy. It's gross! I'm hoping she will grow out of it, but she's clearly so happy while she's doing it that I put up with it as long as I can. Have had cats how compulsively padded, but the suckling thing was a new one. No advice I'm afraid. Just sympathy.

TimeIhadaNameChange Thu 09-Jun-16 09:14:25

When I first got my cat as a four month old kitten (who had lived with both her parents and brother up til that point, so definitely not taken away too early) she would jump up on my lap after a feed and contort herself so she was suckling on her own nipples. It was so, so sweet (though rather odd!)!

She grew out of it fairly quickly, but it was lovely whilst it lasted. I think her post-breakfast suck lasted the longest - she always had to get into the crook of my arms.

No help to you whatsoever, but thanks for bringing that lovely memory back.

carameldecaflatte Thu 09-Jun-16 09:28:41

Our 8 year old girl can purr and knead for ages but on her own blanket now. She did it in the vets one day and he called her a "stress bunny" so it can be a stress response too but she has also been over grooming from the moment we bought our (now 4 year old) son home from the hospital. A couple of drops of Bach's rescue remedy in her cat milk helps keep her calm.

Maybe if you do gently push her away it's a bit like her mother "weaning" her so you shouldn't feel guilty!

Damson9 Thu 09-Jun-16 09:35:10

At least your cats suckle blankets/jumpers, one of ours loves to sneak up to you and suckle your ear lobe! She's particularly fond of my husband's (mine are attached lobes, his are loose) - he protests, but I think he secretly loves the attention from her smile

abigamarone Thu 09-Jun-16 12:10:30

Mine do it on a particularly fluffy dressing gown I bought them their own fluffy cushions which helped a bit but they still prefer the dressing gown.

JamieVardysParty Fri 10-Jun-16 21:18:15

One of mine has just this second climbed off me after a suckling session.

They were found as abandoned kittens at 3 weeks and I had to bottle feed them so very aware that it is because they were weaned far too young.

He's 10 months now and suckles on me daily, normally when he's sleepy. I find that by gently putting my hand under his chin and lifting his head, he still stays on me but I don't get soaked etc.

He only does it to me, no one and nothing else. He also will only sleep on me.

BirthdayBetty Fri 10-Jun-16 21:59:59

My 2 do this, only on my dressing gown and if I'm wearing it grin

MissTeriName Fri 10-Jun-16 22:12:25

My 9 month old girl is currently snuggled under my arm suckling on her own leg. She was weaned too soon I think (rescue). Her foster 'brother' was totally hand reared and doesn't do it though. They are both weird in their own sweet ways grin

DigestiveBiscuit Sat 11-Jun-16 20:21:36

My cat used to knead on my chest 3 - 4 times a day, while squatting on her back legs, turning round and round; her nose and mouth streaming, while purring her head off! I never knew was the squatting bit was about, but counted it as a privilege, because nobody else was ever selected for this honour!

FoxesOnSocks Sat 11-Jun-16 20:26:30

My cat does this to a fluffy 'loungewear' top I have. Though not when I have it in (he's not a lap sitter or snuggler though). He doesn't drool either as far as I know

He was separated from his mother too early - found dumped at about four/five weeks.

RubbishMantra Sat 11-Jun-16 20:33:27

MCat suckles his tail. It always has 2 spikes at the end, where his drool has stuck it together. But he only does it on my lap, kneading at the same time. He has big claws, and I have the scars to prove it!

FurryLittleTwerp Sun 12-Jun-16 00:36:31

One of mine likes to sit on me & tread while suckling my top - any fabric will do but she prefers fleecy or towelling.

The other used to suck her heel-pad but now just sits & treads in her bed before settling down.

DramaAlpaca Sun 12-Jun-16 00:45:58

My ginger boy likes to suckle on a big soft toy DS keeps on his bed. He's always done it & he's 6 now. We've had him from a kitten & he wasn't taken from his mum too young. He's not a drooler, but a friend has his litter brother and he does drool, a lot.

Our older cat has never done it, and he was separated from his mum too soon - he was dumped in my neighbour's garden at only about six weeks angry.

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