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Terribly boring thread about cat flaps

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flippinada Wed 08-Jun-16 15:42:48

That's it really. Unexciting I know!

I'm thinking of getting one for the flipcats. However, the only place it could reasonably go is in a UPVC door, which I know isn't ideal.

Has anyone had this done and if so could you give me an idea of how much it would cost?

Thanks smile

thecatneuterer Wed 08-Jun-16 15:55:05

What is the door like? Is it in two panels? Is the bottom panel uPVC or glass?

flippinada Wed 08-Jun-16 16:22:12

The door's in two panels, with glass on top and a plain UPVC panel on the bottom.

flippinada Wed 08-Jun-16 16:25:56

It looks like this one, if that's any help:

smoothieooo Wed 08-Jun-16 16:30:55

I have a UPVC back door and the company I used (whose name I can't remember - apologies) just replaced the panel with a panel of the same size with the cat flap already installed. It took around 15 mins!

Poor Smoothcat is locked indoors for a week following an almighty scrap which resulted in an op so it's back to a litter tray temporarily...

thecatneuterer Wed 08-Jun-16 16:31:14

In that case it is incredibly easy and cheap to put in a cat flap. If you are at all handy you can make the hole in the uPVC yourself. If not any workman's standard call out fee will cover it. It's as easy as putting it in wood.

smoothieooo Wed 08-Jun-16 16:33:26

It might have been this company I used...

flippinada Wed 08-Jun-16 16:42:56

Brilliant, thank you both!

catneuterer unfortunately not, no - me and DIY are not a combination so I'll pay someone to install it for me.

Am relieved to find out it'll be relatively cheap as I I'm on a pretty tight budget. Thanks for the link smoothie smile

flippinada Wed 08-Jun-16 16:43:14

not a good combination

Diamogs Wed 08-Jun-16 16:46:50

I was a bit nervous about doing it so paid a handyman £20 but having seen what he did I could have done it myself.

You get a template in the box and drill four holes, one for each corner, then you cut between the holes to cut the square out, screw one bit to the outside of the door and one to the inside. Dead easy.

Archfarchnad Wed 08-Jun-16 16:51:31

flip, I know you say you don't have much spare dosh, but it's well worth splashing out on a microchip activated flap to prevent half the feline neighbourhood turning your house into party central.

flippinada Wed 08-Jun-16 17:09:01

Diamogs thanks for the info. I'll do some research...I'm very nervous about anything that involves saws.

I hadn't thought of that Arch, good point - my neighbourhood is cat central. Would a microchipped flap work with two cats though?

Tubbyinthehottub Wed 08-Jun-16 17:12:40

Yes they work with multiple cats. They are great, I leave mine on 'entry only' if my cat is not home by my bedtime so he can come in but remains in when he does.

IdaShaggim Wed 08-Jun-16 17:13:21

Yes it will... Up to 32 cats in fact!

flippinada Wed 08-Jun-16 17:16:22


I love cats but 32 is too much, even for me! DS would probably love it though.

Diamogs Wed 08-Jun-16 17:48:19

Yes my flap is a microchip one and works for both of mine. You just press a button, shove their head near it and it registers (before you install it). They are a fair bit more expensive but before we had one we were going through £££ of food feeding all the neighbourhood cats that came in.

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