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My cays have sunburn!

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Iwouldratherbemuckingout Mon 06-Jun-16 06:33:57

My two little black and white boys have got bright pink stripes down their white front legs!

So everyone has to stay in today as it's going to be hot again. Cue hard stares for those without pink stripes down their legs ....

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 06-Jun-16 06:55:46

I've never heard of this before. I used to cream the ears of our white Tom but that's 30 years ago now.

It must be sore.

MakingJudySmile Mon 06-Jun-16 07:00:24

I remember this from my youth a friend had a white cat - but as Fluffy said it was the ears that were vunrable.

Poor things - how bad is it? Might they need pain relief from the vet?

Iwouldratherbemuckingout Mon 06-Jun-16 08:21:37

It's only mild - and neither seem bothered at all - happy for me to touch without any reaction so I don't want it to get any worse!

hugoagogo Mon 06-Jun-16 14:15:30

I put suncream on our cat's pale ears, I use one aimed for kids as recommended by the vet ( it's one that has a powdery finish so her ears aren't all sticky)

She is not keen on me doing it, but submits while giving me evils. grin

BuggersMuddle Mon 06-Jun-16 20:58:43

I do put cream on BuggersMoggy's ears when I can sneak up on him It's a toddler milk the vet recommended.

He usually responds by going and dust bathing until his pale ears are brown hmm but I figure that offers barrier protection grin

Toddlerteaplease Mon 06-Jun-16 21:01:07

We had a white cat who we would wrestle sun cream on to his ears daily. Unfortunately for him the easiest way to get it on was to use one of those coloured sticks that cricketers used. His was purple. grin

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