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Does anyone feed raw food to their kittens/cats?

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CoconuttyOil Sun 05-Jun-16 00:06:13

Getting a kitten in a few weeks time. We previously fed our dog raw food, introduced in her later years & she thrived on it. So considering doing the same for kitten, but don't know anyone else who does so keen to hear experiences and recommendations for brands you use.

Realise I'll need to start on the food the kitten is getting once weaned and then gradually introduce raw food if I end up going down that route.

hollinhurst84 Sun 05-Jun-16 00:13:48

I did, he went off it hmm fussy cat
I just did Felini complete from zoo plus with chunks of raw meat so you don't need bone or organs
Now I give him natures menu and the odd bit of raw if he decides he wants it!

AnotherEmma Sun 05-Jun-16 00:17:34

No but one of cats likes to play with "raw food" (baby birds) and occasionally eat them and leave us the head hmm

I think raw food is too much of a faff but I think Nature's Menu is good. We gave our cats their pouches for a while (cooked food not raw) but they went off it. They have now deemed Lily's Kitchen acceptable, we'll see how long that lasts!

The only food they have always eaten is Orijen, which is a high quality dry food, but I try and get them to eat some wet food as well.

Iknownuffink Sun 05-Jun-16 01:05:20

I so wanted to feel my Maine Coon raw food as she is an indoor girl.

She was a bitch of a cat to feed, refused everything that was offered and was not thriving.

Now she is about two years old and is fed Natural Instinct, Natures Menu both frozen raw. I keep a supply of Butchers Classic cat food too.

She is slender with a health amount of fat on her spine. She will mature when she is about 5 years old.

I also add minute amounts of taurine to her food every couple of days. Plus a few drops of organic unpasturised apple cider vinegar to her water. If she has a knot in her fur under her arms or groin, I use coconut oil. She licks and uses her tools to deal with the matting.

Bloody fusspot will not eat raw chicken necks/feet/day old chicks.

I have had cats for over forty years. This one is my first indoor cat therefore it is incumbent on me to feed her correctly.

Iknownuffink Sun 05-Jun-16 01:12:26

Have to add.

I only know that my feline mistress has had a shit is when she screams at me. "clean the litter tray."

cozietoesie Sun 05-Jun-16 07:27:43

No we don't. I actually thought that we were stuck with Felix AGAIL Doubly Delicious, it seeming to be the only food that my old lad would eat, but I've managed to switch him to Nature's Menu Country Hunter which is hugely high on meat content. It seems to be critical that he has a change of flavours though, so - luckily - the Country Hunter being available to me in four flavours, I can ring the changes with a cycle of five different meals. (Four straight and one mixed.) That seems to be OK for him.

iloveeverykindofcat Sun 05-Jun-16 08:54:03

Bibi is fed on Nature's Menu raw (ordered from website). I do think its the best food available. Zara is too fussy, so is fed on a mixture of Thrive wet with a small amount of Applause dry. I don't like feeding dry but I can't afford 100% Thrive wet and Applause is the best of a bad bunch (90% meat).

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 06-Jun-16 23:21:03

We do a mix of Felix - only fish selection,wont touch meat flavour,Iams and raw steak,fish and cooked chicken.

BagelGoesWalking Tue 07-Jun-16 22:47:14

Cats Raw and Proud (CRAP!!) is a raw feeding group on FB.

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