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Anyone had any success keeping cats in a garden?

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EsmesBees Tue 31-May-16 17:45:12

We are planning on moving soon and saw a great house today. Only problem is that it's very near a road (2 gardens away) and our eight year old cats have never been near a road before. Our current garden is on a long row of back to back terraced gardens. We only let them out the back during the day so they've never made it round the front and discovered the road. I love this house but would worry about the cats having no road sense. Has anyone had any success with keeping cats in a garden using fencing or netting? I wouldn't want to keep them in the house all the time as they both loving being outdoors.

StupidTuftyTailedFucknut Wed 01-Jun-16 01:44:29

Yes! My mum's best friend fosters for a local cat rescue and she has a regular 6ft fence with slightly curved mesh attached near the top and as far as I'm aware she has never had any escapees. Rarely the newbies will attempt to get over it but once they realise they can't they are content to just stay in the garden.

Iknownuffink Wed 01-Jun-16 01:57:28

Build a catio.

The feline princess in my household only goes out when she is wearing her escape proof jacket and lead.

Iwouldratherbemuckingout Wed 01-Jun-16 02:04:31

I've got a fence from protect a pet which keeps them in - well apart from one who appears to be auditioning for mission impossible - but the others are safely ensconced!

EsmesBees Wed 01-Jun-16 21:07:33

Thanks all. Sounds like it's worth exploring then.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Thu 02-Jun-16 08:43:19

We're going to be giving it a try when we finally get the garden sorted. We're planning on mesh on top of the 6' fence and putting a 3' or 4' fence the other side with with mesh so we don't close in the garden (we live in a maisonette and the garden is half the width of a normal one and I don't want it looking like a tunnel with a 6' fence both sides!).

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