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Ticks, do you just pull them out with tweezers?

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NightWanderer Mon 30-May-16 01:52:12

My boy cat just came and gave me a cuddle which isn't like him and sure enough he has another tick. The last one I put a blob of Vaseline on it for 24 hours first to suffocate it but it didn't seem to make much difference. I just pulled it out with tweezers. Does anyone know the best way to handle ticks?

VimFuego101 Mon 30-May-16 02:19:41

You need to remove them properly (not with tweezers) to make sure you don't leave the head in there, which can cause infection.

CharminglyGawky Mon 30-May-16 02:22:29

It is more of a pinch and twist motion which is quite hard to do with tweezers as with tweezers you tend to be pulling on the body when you need to be sure you get the head out otherwise it can stay under the skin and lead to infection.

I've done it with my nails before or you can buy very cheaply nit removing tweezer like things from pet shops or vets which are curved so they go around the tick's body and pinch at the neck. Or I think most vets would have a vet nurse do it quite cheaply without the need for a full vet consultation.

ChipsandGuac Mon 30-May-16 02:39:31

I do it with my fingers but on dogs so they're probably easier. Pinch at head, twist and pull. Don't pinch at body. They'll explode

NightWanderer Mon 30-May-16 03:03:05

Oh my god!! With my fingers? I just don't think I can. I haven't stopped itching since I've seen it. I have to take the other cat to the vet, so I'll drag him along too. He won't be happy about it.

Thanks for the advise!!

NightWanderer Mon 30-May-16 03:03:31

Advice!! <slaps forehead>

Out2pasture Mon 30-May-16 03:10:48
We use these, slip it over the body and pull gently on an angle.

FloraFiasco Mon 30-May-16 03:33:17

NO NO NO!!! Don't just pull them off.

Info here about what to do.

We have the o'tom Tick Twister tool (think we got it from Amazon) - very simple to use and gets the tick out whole and alive. They are vile things angry One of our cats is particularly prone to getting them sad

SomeDaysIDontGiveAMonkeys Mon 30-May-16 04:43:52

We use the tick twister tool as well. We got it from the vets (reception counter). Came as a pack of two twisters. Small and large. Super easy to use. I have them on all my dog walks and check the dogs before o put them in the car and then check them later in the eve. We use tissues and s loo flush to get rid of them. Definitely advise against using bare fingers, ticks can cause debilitating illnesses in humans.

MsMims Mon 30-May-16 04:52:48

Another recommendation for the o'tom tick tool. They're great, cheap and easy to use.

NightWanderer Mon 30-May-16 05:52:43

Thanks! The Lyme Disease website says it's fine to use tweezers, don't use your fingers and don't twist when you pull. confused

I just it. I'm sorry. I grabbed the fucker around the neck with tweezers and gave it a yank. It came out with its little legs wiggling. I wrapped it in toilet paper and flushed it. I'm hoping this is a one off but if we get more, I'll invest in one of those tick tools. I have young kids so I'm worried the tick will drop off in the house.

I'm sorry but it genuinely seems to be ok to do this according to the Lyme Disease website. The cat is much happier now. I'm still scratching.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 30-May-16 07:57:15

You can buy a tool for next time.

WannaBe Mon 30-May-16 08:00:22

If you dab a bit of white spirit on the tick it will drop off.

averylongtimeago Mon 30-May-16 08:08:21

Ticks carry Lyme' s in their gut, it is transmitted when they regurgitate into the host. If you use your fingers or worse tweezers you risk squeezing the tick, causing it to regurgitate its contents into the skin. The best way is to use one of the tick tools mentioned by pps. They are not expensive and really easy to use. Best also to use a "spot on" type flea and tick treatment, some also get rid of worms, ask your vet.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Mon 30-May-16 08:21:16

one I put a blob of Vaseline
f you dab a bit of white spirit on the tick it will drop off.

Don't do this^ or try and burn them off. If you distress the tick it is likely to regurgitate ifs stomach contents into the current host which greatly increases the chance of infection. Use a proper tick tool, or if you are very careful not to squeeze you can use tweezers if you don't have another tool.

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Mon 30-May-16 08:32:47

I remember a vet spraying a tick with flea spray to kill it then removing it. Is that not recommended any more?

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