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How much sleeping is normal?

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TheGirlOnTheLanding Sun 29-May-16 16:19:43

My previous cats did their fair share of sleeping but also ran around for short periods, played fetch with toys, spent a fair but if the day outdoors and so on. In his dotage, LandingCat slept a lot more but he was an old man by then, and he was always first up in the house, looking for breakfast. BiteyCat is a bit different - both yesterday and today, for example, he hadn't stirred from his bed till we got up, went gone outside to toilet for less than five minutes after breakfast, then took up residence on our bed and every time one of us went upstairs barely lifted his head. He'll appear about 5 looking for dinner and hang about downstairs in the evening, but sits and snoozes a fair bit of the time then too. I play with him every evening, but even then his preferred mode of play is him lying down grabbing at a fishing rod toy! The rescue and he vet estimate his age as about 3 so he is in the prime of life. Is he the laziest cat in Britain or is he fairly typical?

RubbishMantra Sun 29-May-16 18:08:40

Both of mine (6 and 2) have been doing a fair bit more sleeping. Warmer weather maybe?

And MCat, the 6 year old, does the same as your's - lying on his back and swiping at the fishing rod toy. Perhaps try a different attachment to it to pique his interest? I've got spiders, feathers wiggly worms, ribbons to name a few...

Or, coming from a rescue centre, he may not have learned to play.

TheGirlOnTheLanding Sun 29-May-16 18:49:42

He has lots of fishing rod toys (current favourite is a rat but he likes the wiggly one and a feathery thing). He has other things (eg a few mice, a clockwork rat, and a laser toy all ignored). He also ignores foil balls and the like thrown for him. You may be right, this play lark may be fairly new to him, but he's not fussed about spending time outdoors - and if I do persuade him outside he sleeps there too! He seems happy enough, but I'm a bit nonplussed.

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