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Can Anyone recommend a microchip cat flap please?

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SouthamptonDock Sat 28-May-16 20:09:05

My Mil is having problems with other cats coming in through her cat flap and spraying, She has seen microchip cat flaps online but does not know which one to get.

She called 3 vets this morning to ask for advice, 1 was really nice and polite but did not have any information and the other 2 were quite rude to her telling her there is no such thing available hmm

Does anyone have any recommendations please?

PinkSparklyPussyCat Sat 28-May-16 20:37:21

We've got a Sureflap pet door (the cat flap wasn't big enough) and I'd highly recommend it. It's not cheap but definitely worth it. Sureflap's customer service was great when we had a problem.

Pipbin Sat 28-May-16 20:38:25

Sureflap without question.

Catzpyjamas Sat 28-May-16 20:39:37

Sureflap have a good reputation.

derektheladyhamster Sat 28-May-16 20:39:42

We've had a pet porte one for about 5 years, its beating a bit worn now, and the latch occasionally gets stuck open, but overall no teak problems, at least I don't have strange cats sleeping at the foot of my bed anymore!

Icequeen01 Sat 28-May-16 22:03:46

Another vote for the Sureflap. We have had both the cat flap and pet flap. The pet flap size is better particularly if,like us, you have largish cats. We also had an elderly cat and she found it much easier to get in the pet flap when she was less agile. Sure flap's customer service is also excellent.

abigamarone Sat 28-May-16 22:14:31

I bought the sureflap one last week, fitted it on Thursday and the cats were happily using it Thursday afternoon.
We had two kittens coming in and eating my cats' food, mine were too soft to chase them off but this has stopped all that. They can now sit on opposite sides of the flap staring at each other.

MakingJudySmile Sat 28-May-16 22:23:07

Sureflap here also

They are expensive but my stressy cat is now a laid back cat. Took him about three days to stop being bothered by the click; and about a week to use it without sticking his head in and out of the tunnel about 15 billion times before coming through.

IdaShaggim Sat 28-May-16 22:43:27

Another vote for sureflap.... Had one at my old house, it was do good I'm paying through the nose to get one installed in my new place.

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 29-May-16 07:59:58

Sureflap here mine is 8 years old now and still going strong.

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