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Just said goodbye to cat after 21 years

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OneMoreForExtra Thu 26-May-16 23:06:52

She was my link to myself in my 20s. Before infertility, before wrong career paths, before depression. I used to imagine getting home to her and cuddling her when things were really bad, and it got me through. She used to sleep on my pillow, in a nest she made out of my hair, so I couldn't roll over all night. She cuddled like a teddy bear up against my shoulder, holding on tight. Face buried in my neck, snuffley purr that went on and on. I loved her. My little friend.

Iguessyourestuckwithme Thu 26-May-16 23:10:51

I had to say Goodnight to my cat just before my 30th birthday - she was 2 days off being 20 - I had, had her as a 10th birthday present so she knew the kid me, through the teen years and "growing up".. I hardly remembered a time without her.

Its rough sad

OneMoreForExtra Thu 26-May-16 23:14:28

I'm sorry Iguess . That's really rough.

Catzpyjamas Thu 26-May-16 23:17:20

I'm so sorry you have lost your beloved cat. It sounds like you have been loved so much. Cats are very picky about who they love so you must be a special person to have been allowed to share her bed. flowers for you.

MakingJudySmile Thu 26-May-16 23:19:13

Oh I'm so sorry. Big loss for your little friend.

OneMoreForExtra Thu 26-May-16 23:22:04

Thank you guys. It was her bed Catz !

BathshuaSpooner Thu 26-May-16 23:26:22

So sorry for your loss. It is clear you loved your kitty very much. Hugs..xx

cakedup Thu 26-May-16 23:28:20

I've never had a cat live that long, and although I pray my current two cats will live a longer life than my previous cats, I know that it will be even harder to say goodbye in the end. Even losing a cat after two years was bad enough!

So sorry for your loss, she sounds lovely and you were lucky to have each other.

Salemthecat Thu 26-May-16 23:31:35

So sorry OP. I also think about how much I can't wait to get home for a cuddle when I'm having a bad day so I can only imagine how your feeling.

DramaAlpaca Thu 26-May-16 23:36:08

What a lovely cat she sounds, I'm so sorry for your loss flowers.

My favourite ever cat was a few months younger than me and came to us as a kitten. She was there throughout my childhood and was 19 when she died. I adored her and was devastated. It's so hard to lose them when they've been such a huge part of your life. It's over thirty years now since she died and I still think of her often.

AnneElliott Thu 26-May-16 23:39:13

So sorry op. They really are family aren't they. I have 4 but the 2 older ones were there before DS and he's never known home without them. I dread the day we have to make the decision. flowers

ExitPursuedByADonkey Thu 26-May-16 23:42:37

I miss all my cats.

And my horses.


flowers for you.

cozietoesie Thu 26-May-16 23:43:12

I'm very sorry.

OneMoreForExtra Fri 27-May-16 00:16:26

Thank you everyone. It's nice that you understand. I'm terrified that I either left it too late or decided too early. Everyone says a week too early is better than a day too late, and she's not in pain, and had 21 years of love. But I miss her and I want my little friend back. Your understanding is helping me.

DorynownotFloundering Fri 27-May-16 00:30:57

I had a 21 yr old who passed in her sleep after a short illness. She'd been to the vets just once in her life before those last few times & just slowly faded. I put her on my bed on top of a towel on a hot water bottle as she was so cold, and cuddles her one last time. Like you she was my last connection to the young independent me, pre marriage, kids & divorce. Losing your first pet is so hard, there are so many memories attached to them - ooh what a ramble- meant to say OP ((hugs)) from one golden oldie owner to another xx

TheGirlOnTheLanding Fri 27-May-16 14:54:29

So sorry for your loss OneMore. I lost my not-quite-19 year old boy in January and still miss him. They're very special wee beasties, these longtime companions, and I feel for you. Look after yourself. flowers

Heyheyheygoodbye Fri 27-May-16 15:03:09

Oh, I'm so sorry. It's awful. Sounds like she had a lovely life with you flowers

Viewofhedges Fri 27-May-16 15:10:21

Oh we had to to have our cat put down 3 weeks ago. It felt like such an awful decision. She was 18. FWIW all those things you describe in your post I am also dealing with so I do understand how raw you must be feeling. You must hold onto the fact that she clearly had a wonderful life with you. flowers

OneMoreForExtra Fri 27-May-16 17:20:27

Sorry so many of you have had to do this - I've seen some of your loving posts about your pussycats. I'm harder hit than I expected, given that I thought I was relatively prepared. I suppose the loss is the loss, whether they're on borrowed time or not.

cozietoesie Fri 27-May-16 20:51:57

I'm afraid that that's true. However old they are, they're still suddenly not there. sad

Take care.

TroysMammy Fri 27-May-16 22:18:48

I'm so sorry for your loss. As someone who lost a wonderful cat to illness just over 2 weeks ago, he was 2 months off his 6th birthday I feel for you. Life is so damn unfair.

Wordsaremything Sat 28-May-16 14:05:54

I'm so sorry. What a loyal and affectionate friend. Take car. It's tough. X

Wordsaremything Sat 28-May-16 14:06:09

Care, sorryblush

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