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Cat flap and cat food. Different q!

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tippytap Mon 16-May-16 19:13:34


My recently adopted cat is now allowed out, however although she uses the cat flap to come in, she'll only go out if I hold it open. As I'm at work all day, this means that she ends up stayin in all day. How can I get her using the flap both ways, or as she's 9yo, shall I just leave her be during the day? She does go out in the am and when I get home from work, for 20m or so, then comes running in.

And food. We're using Thrive dry food and Butchers Classic wet. She just licks the jelly off the wet food and is happy to scarf down the dry food. Question is, you only need 50g of the Thrive. I do 20g in the morning, 15g whilst I'm out and 15g when o get home. It all goes. Quickly. Please tell me this is enough! It feels like i should be giving her more!!

Thanks xxx

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 16-May-16 19:31:40

Firstly stop holding the flap open, she won't figure it out if you help her.

Is she hungry?

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