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cat treats

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StillYummy Fri 13-May-16 19:34:53

What's your cats favourite cat treat?

He liked dreamies. So I brought a load of dreamies. Of corse yummy cat has decided not to even look at a dreamie again, let alone consume one.

I need a new reward for when he comes home when he is called.

cozietoesie Fri 13-May-16 19:42:24

My cats have never much liked Dreamie-type treats, I'm afraid, so I've always relied on lurrvv at the end of a call. It seemed to work just fine.

Seniorboy has rather taken to Vet's Kitchen treats though. (He won't eat any other kind, in fact.) Although thinking about it, he hasn't even eaten any of those since he started the Nature's Menu food. Maybe it's a coincidence.

hollinhurst84 Fri 13-May-16 20:26:45

Thrive chicken liver treats
Or the pickle treats from pets at home, sort of dreamies copies but they do a meat mix he loves
Failing all that, Parmesan or Lidl sliced chicken roll confused

starsmurf Fri 13-May-16 21:12:03

My cat will do anything for Webbox Lick-e-lix cat yogurt. It's great for hiding ground up tablets.

If he can't have that, either the stick type treats or Felix Goody Bag or Tesco Pick & Mix treats seem to get approval when he's in a phase where he doesn't like the Dreamies/Whiskas Temptations. The texture is closer to that of normal cat food, so I think that's what causes his changing preferences.

Cheese Dreamies were the first things I ever gave Starcat. When I visited the cat shelter, they tried to tempt him to come closer to me by putting some cheese Dreamies near where I was. He was still deciding whether to risk it when one of the confident female cats he shared a pen with strolled up and ate the lot. He looked so sad and confused, it broke my heart. I promised that when he came to live with me, he could have all the Dreamies he wanted.

The following week, when I'd been allowed to collect him, he hid behind the cooker in my kitchen-living room (small flat). After a few hours, he began to creep closer and closer to the sofa I was sitting on. When he got to the stage of sitting on the arm at the other end of the sofa, I put some cheese Dreamies out. It took a couple of minutes but he began to eat one, stopped, looked around expecting another cat to come and take them, then ate the rest without chewing. I swear that was the moment he realised that this was his new home and I was his "guardian". As soon as he finished the treats, he was on my lap, purring, rubbing against my hands and padding as hard as he could. When I went to bed, he followed and lay on my chest all night, rubbing my hands and padding so hard I was left with grazes and bruising! I think he was just so happy to finally have a human all to himself.

He came from a house with at least 30 cats, where he had to fight for his food (he was nervous and passive so he wasn't high up in the pecking order), he even had massively overgrown claws because the more dominant cats wouldn't let him scratch anywhere. His food intake had obviously been inadequate because he went from being a skinny, average-size shorthair into a massive, semi-longhair, like a Maine Coon. He's a really beautiful cat. He also doesn't seem to know what meat is, you could safely leave Starcat with a roast chicken.

Sorry for the long story about Starcat but I hoped it was a nice story that would cheer someone up.

Lauren83 Fri 13-May-16 21:14:19

I have 6 and mine love dreamies, yoghurt and those soft meat sticks, they also have crab sticks and wafer thin chicken or ham as a treat

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