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What would you name these 2 sisters?

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springhasprung Wed 11-May-16 17:09:50

They are 10 month old smile

TobleroneBoo Wed 11-May-16 17:11:25

I always thought if I had two girls they would be Crimson and clover! Lovey cats!!

springhasprung Wed 11-May-16 18:54:10

Really love clover smile

Cunties Wed 11-May-16 18:54:34

Doris and Dora

OrlandaFuriosa Wed 11-May-16 18:58:21

Moon and Star

Luna and Stella

Sweetie and Pie (pie as in pied meaning black and white, not as in Apple )

OrlandaFuriosa Wed 11-May-16 18:59:01

Clover and Bee

Vinorosso74 Wed 11-May-16 19:10:06

DD suggested Anna and Elsa. Just as I thought she was getting over Frozen.... They are gorgeous cats!

MiddleClassProblem Wed 11-May-16 19:11:22

Clover and daisy
Clover and rose
Clover and ivy

Too themed?

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Wed 11-May-16 19:14:23

dotty (ms blacknose) and blanche (ms white flash)
middle names of jocasta and simone

or Duchesse and Queenie

HeyManIJustWantSomeMuesli Wed 11-May-16 19:14:31

Francesca and Susan
Pickle and Onion
Cleo and Clover

BirthdayBetty Wed 11-May-16 19:15:35

I like clover and cleo
They are lovely smile

HeyManIJustWantSomeMuesli Wed 11-May-16 19:15:48

Honey and Bumble

NapQueen Wed 11-May-16 19:16:43

Lola and Pearl

RustyPaperclip Wed 11-May-16 19:27:17

They remind me of two little girl cats I fostered a number of years ago. I called them Maggie and May. They were both adopted by the same family and I recently found out that their new owners kept the names which made me smile smile In fact I have just remembered why I chose those names. I'm not a massive Rod Stewart fan but one of the kittens loved trying to play with a silver necklace I was wearing at the time so I started to liken her to a magpie. That was then shortened to Maggie, and May just fitted perfectly for her sister.

They are gorgeous little kittens smile

Wordsaremything Wed 11-May-16 19:41:04

I like Doris and Dora. Cleo and Pattie?

springhasprung Wed 11-May-16 19:53:58

I love Bumble! I also love Honey but I had a cat named honey when I was younger and she was run over.

springhasprung Wed 11-May-16 19:55:36

Does Bumble and Brie sound silly??

Wolfiefan Wed 11-May-16 19:56:50

Bumble on the left? Bree instead of Brie?

springhasprung Wed 11-May-16 20:13:37

Yeah Bumble on the left. Bree is better smile does that work??

springhasprung Wed 11-May-16 20:20:58

I'm in love!!

RustyPaperclip Wed 11-May-16 20:23:26

Bumble and Bree are lovely! I'm very happy for you OP

MiddleClassProblem Wed 11-May-16 20:25:04

Bree is better. Great choice and congratulations!

LittleHouseOnTheShelf Wed 11-May-16 20:27:15

The one on the right is Pickle and the one on the left is Onion!

Teddy1970 Wed 11-May-16 20:31:06

I had a friend who had two female cats and called them Audrey and Margot! It did suit them as they were very ladylike..

springhasprung Wed 11-May-16 20:49:36

Audrey and Margot are lovely names! Pickle and Onion sound good together but I don't think I could stand at the back door shouting Onion grin

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