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Not good news from vet

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GipsyDanger Mon 09-May-16 19:51:07

I had posted earlier that my cat wasn't doing too well, eatting her cat litter and had lost weight. She had bloods taken today and the vets called. Basically her kidneys are shot and we will probably be putting her down before the end of the week sad
im gutted. She was meant to see my ds grow up. I'm at a loss how my other cat will take it, they always fought so I'm hoping she won't be lonely
I've had family pets but this is the first time I will have to put a pet down

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 09-May-16 20:33:32

Oh dear, that's the worst news. What will you do?.

Vinorosso74 Mon 09-May-16 20:54:20

Oh I'm sorry to hear that. I remember reading your previous post and thought she was struggling to adjust to the new baby.
How is your cat in herself?

GipsyDanger Mon 09-May-16 22:05:40

She seems fine but she is so skinny I can feel every bone. The vet said that what she's got is incurable and would probably end up with her being put down after lots of tests. We're seeing him on Wednesday to talk but I think we will be putting her down. I'd rather her last few days be happy than being stuck with needles

isamonster Mon 09-May-16 23:52:18

I'm really sorry to hear that. Talk to your vet but if things are catastrophic and not manageable in any way you sound as if if you know what's right for her. It is very hard but better not to let it go on too long. Gentle gentle squeeze for her - and again that's so rough on all of you. She's quite young if I remember right?

GipsyDanger Tue 10-May-16 02:22:46

Yeah only 6

31weeksgone Tue 10-May-16 02:45:02

Sorry to hear. Sometimes it's the kindest thing although devastating sad

cozietoesie Tue 10-May-16 07:31:05

Yes. The bloods were likely going to be critical in her circumstances.

I'm sorry for your news.

GipsyDanger Tue 10-May-16 08:21:58

It just sucks, she's walking around as if there is nothing wrong with her. Thanks everyone. I've had lots of dogs over the years, it just doesn't get any easier. This is my dh first pet, and he's being my rock and I'm tearing up all the time.
Any tips on how to get my other cat through this as easy as possible?

TimeIhadaNameChange Tue 10-May-16 09:29:35

I'm so sorry to hear this. Prawns, tuna and whatever else she fancies for the next few days, I guess? Give her a big (but gentle) hug from me.

cozietoesie Tue 10-May-16 09:46:07

I recall that some people have reported some 'easing' by showing other cats the one who has just gone - but that would depend on whether you were to bring her back after the last vet visit, I guess.

For my own part, I just let them get on with it themselves, perhaps with some extra attention and games. You'll know your other cat best.

Vinorosso74 Tue 10-May-16 09:54:07

Give her lots of fuss and her favourite foods assuming she wants to eat. I know it will be hard, have the conversation with your vet and see what they say. Such a shame when she's still quite young flowers
I don't have any advice on how to help your other cat as I've only ever had one at a time but Cats Protection have a lot of leaflets with advice on their website.

isamonster Tue 10-May-16 18:25:06

I'd be led by how your cat behaves. sometimes they settle well as an only, other times not. Good luck

EnjoyTheSimpleThingsInLife Tue 10-May-16 18:29:52

I'm so sorry to hear about your cat, I read your other thread but didn't think it would be this serious sad

I lost my cat a few weeks ago, she had kidney failure. It's heartbreaking when they are so poorly.

So sorry flowers

OneMoreForExtra Tue 10-May-16 18:32:15

Your vet might be willing to come out to you to put her to sleep, meaning less stress for her and your other cat can see her afterwards and understand she's gone. Sorry you're going through this. I have 2 with renal failure, although less acute by the sounds of it.

GipsyDanger Tue 10-May-16 22:53:46

It's the suddenness of it all. I knew she had lost a lot of weight. Just thought it would be a course of tablets or just a cat stress thing. We're seeing the vet tomorrow to talk about our options. He's a very honest vet told us it would basically be a blanc cheque For a shot in the dark to find what's wrong only to probably put her down anyway.

cozietoesie Tue 10-May-16 22:56:42

I've had a boy with renal failure. It's a hard thing.

lostindubai Tue 10-May-16 23:01:36

I'm so sorry.

I wonder if a Feliway plug in might help your other cat? They are designed to help cats through unsettled periods, e.g. moving house or introducing a baby or another pet to the family. Might help in this instance too. I'm sure your vet will advise.

starsmurf Fri 13-May-16 21:31:30

Hello lostindubai,

Apologies for adding to this thread so late but I've only just joined MN. I'm so sorry about your lovely cat.

I wanted to answer your question on what to do about your other cat. He or she may seem to react oddly. They might pace around the house, calling and calling for your other cat, which seems strange especially if they weren't close. What they're actually doing is trying to make the other cat appear because they think this disappearance is just another mind game. They might lie in the other cat's favourite places or do things that the other cat did. This can be really upsetting but is just part of your cat adjusting to the new way of life. Change of any type is upsetting for cats.

To help him or her cope, try to have daily play sessions, with interactive toys, like the Flying Frenzy or Da Bird wands. These are "fishing rod" style toys with interchangable "prey" at the end of the cord. The feather one spins in the air and makes a fluttering noise that gets cats excited. Play will help reduce the stress hormones in your cat's system and raise the levels of "happy" hormones.

If your cat enjoys affection, then giving lots of affection on demand is helpful too.

Most of all, allow yourself to grieve. If you need to talk to someone, then you could try the Blue Cross bereavement helpline.

Vinorosso74 Sat 14-May-16 13:19:53

OP, wondering how things are?

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