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Second kitten introduced

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ilovesthediff Fri 06-May-16 19:52:35

Just brought a second kitten home so the first will have a playmate. Both are 9 weeks and thought two would be easier than one! But when do they stop hissing at each other?

smokeybandit Mon 09-May-16 00:22:22

Did you just stick them in the same room straight away? I've introduced three cats one at a time and what worked for me was keeping them separate at first. Letting them smell and hear each other but not get at each other or be intimidated. Swapped dinner plated part way through eating, swapped bedding back and forth, got some feliway. I let them interact (supervised) after a week or two. But they will hiss at each other, they're trying to figure each other out.

ilovesthediff Mon 09-May-16 19:40:31

Gradually introduced in the carrier but after a day or two, they now seem to adore each other! I was worried sick!

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