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Best flea preventers ?

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Winterdaisy Wed 04-May-16 14:34:32

I always regularly treat my cat for fleas he has been on frontline combo (from vet) but we had a couple of episodes of him getting fleas. Vet gave us comfortis tablets which solved the problem within hours. The problem is vet will not keep cat in comfortis constantly and will only give me frontline unless we have a breakout??? I keep seeing that others have been prescribed other flea treatments so what is the best and what should I be asking the vet for (may have to change vets 😒). Really really don't want fleas and feel that a monthly treatment that cost lots should actually work!
So what do you all use on your cats?
Thank you x

Branleuse Wed 04-May-16 14:36:13

frontline is not very good. Advantage works better.

Neem oil is a good deterrant

Wolfiefan Wed 04-May-16 14:36:37

Advocate works here.

unlucky83 Wed 04-May-16 14:48:44

I hate frontline - it worked for about 18 months and then stopped ...took me a while to notice (with a flea collar I combed monthly to check) and be then she was infested - I combed 30 fleas off her the first time and it took years to get on top of the house (fleas can stay dormant as pupae for years) and what made it worse was the vet insisted I wasn't applying it properly etc - I think it is acknowledged now that fleas do become resistant - I found the same with flea collars -had to keep swapping them for ones that contained different pesticides
Now I flea comb her weekly and hoover properly weekly -and touch wood we are top of them. If I find any fleas or signs of fleas on her I treat her with a 4 fleas tablet and then comb her whilst it works. (She picks them up outside in summer)

cozietoesie Wed 04-May-16 14:50:10


There have been reported problems with Frontline from various places in the UK - likely due to fleas acquiring immunity. Your vet sounds a little uncommunicative?

Winterdaisy Wed 04-May-16 16:42:10

Yes vet has been unhelpful! So advantage or advocate ?? I may phone round a couple of different vets tomorrow. I am so carful to treat my cat on time every month so don't want a repeat of last Summer's flea issue again.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 04-May-16 16:46:02

We use Advacate from the vet.

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