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Anyone adopted a cat from Battersea?

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Pangurban1 Mon 02-May-16 16:56:39

Hi, just wondering what their procedure is? If you have had cats before, do they check with your vet to check you are bone fide?

How do they assess you, what do they look for and how long do you wait to bring your bundle home?

I have been thinking of a furry addition and feel a strong draw to go and visit them!

BoysRule Tue 10-May-16 17:57:28

We got ours from Battersea just over a month ago. I registered over the phone - simple questions about previous cat ownership, where it would live etc. We then visited the centre (we had looked on the website first to see if there were any cats that suited us) and spent 10 minutes with our cat. Then we bought a cat carrier and brought her home with us that day!

Very straight forward. Don't go unless you are prepared to come home with a cat!

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