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Good but affordable kitten food

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springhasprung Mon 02-May-16 10:09:37

My kittens are still with their mum and are currently eating Felix kitten as their wet food. Should I try to wean them onto something with a higher meat content when I bring them home or is Felix ok?

And can anyone recommend a good dry food for kittens?

Redken24 Mon 02-May-16 18:41:08

James Wellbeloved - Fish

Kitten (now cat) loves it and still eats it..

RubbishMantra Mon 02-May-16 20:14:17

When I brought my (13 week) kitten home I fed him Animonda Carny Kitten and Applaws dry Kitten. Both can be bought from Zooplus

Now he's all grown up, both cats have Butchers Classic (wet) and Applaws dry (adult).

ElegantDream Mon 02-May-16 20:54:34

Butchers classic if you want cheap.

emwithme Mon 02-May-16 21:12:18

Ours are on Royal Canin Kitten dry (free fed) and whiskas/felix wet (2 pouches a day between the two of them). Our view is that the dry is the majority of their food and nutrition and so it's not that bad them having "commercial" wet food.

The combo must be working - they're now 9 months old where did the time go ; Erwin is around 4.5 kg and Eugenie is about 3.5 kg. Vet is very happy with both of them.

NeedACleverNN Thu 05-May-16 16:55:28

We use Royal canin kitten food (£3.99 for 400grams). So far she's not really touching it unless desperate. She prefers wet food.

We give her natures menu wet food(69p) a pouch

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