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Is this cat litter any good? & advice on new kitten

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NotSoYumMum01 Sat 23-Apr-16 14:54:07

I've decided to get a kitten for my daughter ,we pick her up on Friday. We are going to continue using the food the current owner uses to that's that sorted and we are going to arrange to have the first set of vaccines done.

1. How old does a cat have to be to get chipped?(though she won't be out until she has the right vacations)
2. Is sainsburys basic cat litter any good? (The owner is using wood pellet litter atm)

Thanks in advance x

cozietoesie Sat 23-Apr-16 17:11:57

I'd be tempted to use the type of litter she's used to and change over gradually if you don't like it. (Maybe ask the breeder for a tiny bit of the (clean) litter from her current tray to sprinkle on top - it may be clean but it might have just the faintest scent to her sensitive nose and remind her of her duty.)

I'm afraid that I haven't tried the Sainsbury's basic litter. We use the Sainsbury's Natural Clumping because that's what the boys have always preferred. Other posters may wish to comment on the other litter though. smile

cozietoesie Sat 23-Apr-16 17:15:35

PS - I guess you'll not be letting her out until she's neutered, either, so you might ask the vet to do her chip while she's out for the count having that done.

soapboxqueen Sat 23-Apr-16 17:19:28

The only one I use is worlds best cat litter. It is expensive but I think it works out more economical because it lasts longer.

I occasionally use other types and brands etc but I'm never impressed.

NotSoYumMum01 Sat 23-Apr-16 17:36:07

Thank you both,the current owner has given us a bag of litter that he's using at the moment but we are interested in trying new types and seeing how it goes. Don't want to use clumping litter as she's only 8weeks and would be quite harmful if she tried to eat it ,I will take her to the vets and ask about neutering and chipping when she gets her vaccines done x soapboxqueen haven't heard of that brand before but then again I'm quite new to this allwink.

soapboxqueen Sat 23-Apr-16 17:44:35

It's made out of corn or something. It's a farming by product I think.

soapboxqueen Sat 23-Apr-16 17:46:11

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 23-Apr-16 18:38:26

I used sains basics, it's not very absorbent so one wee uses the whole tray. The pellet stuff tracks less.

lottielou7 Sat 23-Apr-16 18:45:47

My favourite one is pets at home wood pellets. I think they are the least messy and also don't smell as much as the others.

NotSoYumMum01 Sat 23-Apr-16 18:56:28

Thank you soapboxqueen I shall check it out . I think like the others suggested ,the pellets might be the best one

PuppyMonkey Sat 23-Apr-16 19:17:03

World's Best Cat Litter is the shiz. Not harmful if eaten and lasts for ages because you just take the little balls that form out and flush them down the loo.

soapboxqueen Sat 23-Apr-16 19:23:09

We don't flush ours anymore but I luffs it.

In a totally reasonable way to love a feline hygiene product obviously. Nothing weird.

exWifebeginsat40 Sat 23-Apr-16 19:30:32

where can you buy the World's Best stuff? i have 2 indoor cats now and although they are very clean and we keep on top of it, i'm getting through loads of the tesco one i buy!

soapboxqueen Sat 23-Apr-16 19:33:00

Lots of online places, Pets at home but they only do smaller bags. I but from a local dealer.

PuppyMonkey Sat 23-Apr-16 19:34:01

It's safe to flush as turns into powder on second contact with fluid. I get it off amazon...

NotSoYumMum01 Sat 23-Apr-16 20:00:50

I've been convinced ,I'm going to started off using the wood pellets as that's what she has at the moment and I've just ordered a bag of World's best cat litter which I will slowly start using . Thanks

NotSoYumMum01 Sat 23-Apr-16 22:07:08

puppymonkey bit of a silly question but when you get it from Amazon ,is it packaged as I am surprising dd with the kitten and don't want her to see .

lottielou7 Sat 23-Apr-16 22:12:42

Amazon stuff comes in a brown box

NotSoYumMum01 Sun 24-Apr-16 04:46:51

Thanks ,wasn't sure about cat litter blush

PuppyMonkey Sun 24-Apr-16 09:03:17

Yes, just came in a brown Amazon box - enjoy your kitty litter grin

NotSoYumMum01 Sun 24-Apr-16 14:50:58

Thank you , ordered some last night and came today in a box and also got 30l of the wood pellet one which came in a bin bag,dd said it smelt of pet shop confused nearly got caught and told her it was fish tank gravel ..that was close wink

Lottie999 Sun 24-Apr-16 15:01:05

I find that the silica crystals are most hygienic as it absorbs the urine immediately & it never smells. My kitty tramples all over my bed, sofa etc .... The thought of doing so with paws that have been in a litter tray with wet patches of litter from urine in isn't hygienic. The silica crystals absorb all moisture so hopefully no wet paws from cat wee is being trampled all over my house. Some people prefer different types / brands but I swear by this stuff, I clean it all out / empty once a week - my cat is mainly indoor cat.

NotSoYumMum01 Sun 24-Apr-16 15:18:40

Thank you lottie I didn't think of that. I think I'll have to try out a few types of litter then decide what I prefer x she's going to be indoors for a while and the bedrooms are all carpet so wouldn't like mucky paws about x

exWifebeginsat40 Sun 24-Apr-16 15:23:47

I've ordered some World's Best from Amazon. must remember to tell DP it's being delivered to his house!

RubbishMantra Sun 24-Apr-16 17:31:27

I alternate between Sainsburys or Waitrose ultra clumping and World's best. The latter probably best for kittens, as a pp said, it's made of corn. It does track a bit though - not wet pissy paws, just a dry dust.

Zooplus are excellent for pet supplies.

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