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Cat vomiting up wet food, big problem!

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Bubbinsmakesthree Tue 19-Apr-16 07:18:19

Our cat has a mostly consistent dry food diet, but we very occasionally give her small amounts of wet food (gourmet gold pates). Until recently this has been fine but the last few times she has vomited afterwards.

At this point you'll be thinking 'just don't give her the wet food then?' confused

The problem is our cat needs medication (in pill form) twice a day, every day. If we are ever away overnight we set a feeding timer including a teaspoon of wet food with the pill hidden inside. This has been working well for years, until now when the last few times we have gone away and come back to a house covered in vomit shock

Anyone experienced similar? Could they have just changed the formulation of the food or something and it now doesn't agree with her? Does anyone know any other pate-type cat foods suitable for concealing pills?

Rollypoly100 Tue 19-Apr-16 09:19:34

We usually buy those pots of fish paste from supermarkets. Usually get the same brand but the last time they only had Sainsburys own brand sardine and tomato. We didn't like it, way too fishy but the cats went crazy for it and now we buy it just for them. It's pretty pungent so I'm sure you could hide a pill in there. It makes it more fragrant if it's lightly warmed in microwave (and open a few windows!)

Bubbinsmakesthree Tue 19-Apr-16 13:19:44

Fish paste sounds worth a try. I'm just perplexed as to why a tiny amount of wet food is making her vomit so much!

Rollypoly100 Tue 19-Apr-16 13:45:16

For some reason Whiskas makes our cats throw up so we try and avoid that. Maybe they've changed the ingredients in the one you usually get. We bought some from The Happy Kitty Company recommended on MN and that was a big hit. Hope your kit feels better smile

OzzieFem Tue 19-Apr-16 18:29:15

If it continues your cat may need to be checked by a vet. My cats occasionally coughed up the odd furball, but then one suddenly started throwing up his dry cat food. After several days of this, vet trip. Found he was severely constipated on XRay and had to be sedated and given a high evacuation enema. Six month later same thing.

Vet said he probably did not drink enough fluids with the dry food so has oral laxative and wet food as well. Went into hospital unexpectedly 10 months later, sister fed cats with food in house (no wet food) and cat had to go back to the vet once more! None of his siblings have this problem which did not present before he was 3 yrs old.

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