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Getting A Kitten- Need Advice.

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ImNotAFlower Sun 17-Apr-16 15:18:05

So after a year of discussion we have decided to get a kitten. Having never brought a kitten before I am looking for some advice on the best place to get one from and any other advice is more than welcome.
I know there are a huge amount of kittens and cats that need rehoming and we are completely open to this but nowhere near us lets you view them you have to bid on line for the- is this normal practice?
Our only stipulation is it needs to be short haired.
We are not looking to bring kitten home until September (holiday booked and wouldn't want to leave it so young)
Thank you in advance!

Whereabouts are you? Our local rescue has open days or lets you come and see the kittens before you adopt them. Bear in mind that kitten season in the UK runs from April to November so there won't be many kittens in rescues yet, and the ones you want to adopt probably haven't been born yet. If you get back to the rescues in the summer you'll have more sense of the state of play. If you give your location probably someone will come onto this thread will be able to recommend you a good local rescue.

Vinorosso74 Sun 17-Apr-16 16:07:44

I would wait until you're ready to adopt in September. As well as the young kittens there may be the young mums (say 9-12 months old) who were brought in with their kittens. They will be looking for homes and will have been spayed by the rescues already.
Bidding online for kittens sounds odd to me. Reputable rescues would let you meet them to make sure you and rest of the family get along ok.

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