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ILovePies Sat 16-Apr-16 22:41:17

I think my cat has fleas sad was petting her earlier when I noticed black specks on her nose. I went to pick them out and found bugs on her!
Have just changed my bedding, but she often sleeps on my children's beds & can't change theirs whilst they are sleeping. Reading up about them, I'm now in serious panic mode about tapeworm!
What is the best course of action here? Going to have a good spring clean tomorrow & give cat a bath which she'll probably hate me for!
First time cat owner & v v worried!

fruityb Sat 16-Apr-16 23:19:00

Get to the vet and get a good spot on treatment like Broadline or advantage, best ones come from the vet. Wash bedding at a high temp and get some indorex spray. I got it from Amazon as its half the price you'd pay at the vets. It's brilliant stuff. Treated my house when I found a flea on the cat and have never seen one since - I do it yearly now.

Bathing the cat may work but put a layer of shampoo on their neck before putting in water as fleas will just jump to the head, shampoo will get them stuck.

Don't panic it's manageable if you've got it in time or with the right treatment smile

ILovePies Mon 18-Apr-16 18:33:15

Thank you fruity, all slrted! Definitely over panicked!

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