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Moving this weekend

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SuchaJem Tue 12-Apr-16 08:42:05

Any tips for moving with a cat please?

For the actual moving day we're considering parking him at my mum and dads for the day, to avoid all the chaos. Not sure though as whilst he knows it there he will be totally baffled to suddenly be dumped there.

cozietoesie Tue 12-Apr-16 09:08:10

It's just not going to be his favourite day, that's for sure. He'd be out from under your feet though. Moving days can be awful. Sorry. sad

cozietoesie Tue 12-Apr-16 10:27:08

PS - I'd just do it and then try to re-establish a normal routine for him as quickly as possible in the new place. Does he go outside at the moment?

SuchaJem Tue 12-Apr-16 18:21:45

Hello cozie thanks for your reply. He is not going to be a happy boy! sad

What can you do he just has to get through it.

He is an outdoor cat - and will be at the new place eventually. We'll use a harness at first - which he loves - until he's settled.

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