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My lovely cat, Crystal, has died :(

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EnjoyTheSimpleThingsInLife Mon 11-Apr-16 07:53:47

I posted a few days ago about how poorly Crystal was, she has died this morning sad sad We are devastated but at least she isn't in pain any more.

Pics: The day we found her in our garden, bless her. A few weeks later with our cat Charlie causing mischief next door. And a recent pic of her before she got ill again.

She was an amazing cat, will miss her so much sad

MrsJamin Mon 11-Apr-16 08:04:00

So sorry for your loss flowers

BipBippadotta Mon 11-Apr-16 08:09:39

I'm so sorry. What a lovely cat she was. flowers

cozietoesie Mon 11-Apr-16 08:21:05

She looked great.

I'm sorry for your loss.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 11-Apr-16 08:38:02

I'm so sorry. She was a lovely cat flowers

HotPotatoOrchestraStalls Mon 11-Apr-16 08:43:33

sadflowers She's beautiful.

Kirjava Mon 11-Apr-16 08:44:40

Sorry for your loss flowers

TheSpottedZebra Mon 11-Apr-16 08:46:13

Oh, so sorry. You did give her an amazing life though.
You'll miss her, but you made such a difference to her.

aprilanne Mon 11-Apr-16 08:47:54

oh sorry she looked like a lovely cat

pilates Mon 11-Apr-16 08:49:55

Im so sorry for your loss sad

Im dreading that day with mine.

Vinorosso74 Mon 11-Apr-16 09:29:46

Sorry for your loss. I'm sure she had a happy time with you flowers

2pandasandapig Mon 11-Apr-16 09:30:59

So very sorry for your loss X

ToastMakesMeHappy Mon 11-Apr-16 09:33:15

So sorry to read this. flowers

EnjoyTheSimpleThingsInLife Mon 11-Apr-16 12:07:10

Thank you everyone. I can't stop crying but I'm glad she isn't in pain any more. She looked so peaceful. My kids saw her this morning then had to go to school, don't think it has hit them yet sad

Wolfiefan Mon 11-Apr-16 12:09:26

Oh bless you. We lost our old girl in July. You can expect the grief to come in waves too. We ended up having days when we were fine then one of us would start stupidly sobbing.
They worm their way into your hearts and families don't they.

lavenderdoilly Mon 11-Apr-16 12:16:56

What a beauty and obviously very loved. flowersWent through this a year ago. So sorry.

EnjoyTheSimpleThingsInLife Mon 11-Apr-16 12:43:52

They do, they are literally part of the family. We lost our cat Charlie just 5 months ago and I'm still not over his death, it's so fucking cruel when they are taken too soon sad

MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels Mon 11-Apr-16 12:55:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EnjoyTheSimpleThingsInLife Mon 11-Apr-16 15:42:24

Sorry to hear about cats you have all lost too flowers It's so hard sad

tippytap Mon 11-Apr-16 19:06:20

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 11-Apr-16 20:06:59

I'm sorry for your loss. You did a lovely thing taking her in & loving her.

TheGirlOnTheLanding Mon 11-Apr-16 20:52:23

So very sorry. Kidney disease is a horrible thing. You gave her a lovely life and she looks a wee sweetheart.

maisiejones Mon 11-Apr-16 21:30:53

So sorry for you. My lovely 17 year old Siamese boy was pts seven weeks ago and I miss him so much. I'm sure you have wonderful memories of your sweet girl that will in time comfort you.

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