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To roam or not to roam?

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ThatPairOfCats Fri 08-Apr-16 17:28:08

Please help me decide!
I have a cat fence similar to protect a puss but home made. This has kept girl cat in the garden for 5 years. Young boy cat has it sussed and makes a ninja move to get over leaning back with one paw extended to launch himself over.

We have a large garden but next to a busyish b road 30mph speed limit but most cars go faster. Can't do anything to improve the cat fence.

Boy cat is currently only in the garden under supervision but this doesn't seem to be enough for him. Do I just let him do his stuff and wander? He'd be in a nights. Then not fair on girl cat who would love to be free range too.

I want them safe but happy too.

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