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New cat settling in problems

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SuperFlyHigh Fri 18-Mar-16 12:54:51

Posting on behalf of DB and SIL. They have a small but fairly open plan 2 bedroom flat and some friends of theirs asked if they could rehome a cat.

The cat is female, 8 years old and was living in a house after its owner died (mother of one of the friends), there was a dog already in the house and cat decamped and lived in attic for past 2 years.

My brother got this cat on Monday and says cat made a beeline for the airing cupboard and stays there now until feeding time and cries if she can't go in there.

I suggested just carry on as normal and try to coax her out (bit hard to do that in hall...).

Have suggested nice cat bed for her with hood, Feliway and cat treats.

Is there anything else they can do?

People living there are SIL but she can work long hours some weekends, brother works but freelance and in and out, they have a lodger who's in and out working and studying etc. Cat was a house cat before never went outside so fine for their flat.

Another reason for the cat moving in is they get mice, I did say the smell of the cat would most likely keep mice away (they saw one a week ago...) but also some cats aren't mousers are they??

Any advice gratefully received!

cozietoesie Fri 18-Mar-16 14:37:55

My current old boy hid somewhere in the house for weeks when he came here after my mother died. (His 'person' with whom he'd lived all of his adult life.) We just let him get on with it and eventually he decided to rejoin the family and come out. The only proof of life while he was hiding was the tray being used and some ham bits disappearing from the kitchen every night when we were asleep.

It sounds as if she's a bit sensitive anyway, what with living in the attic for that length of time, but even so - it's only been 4 days. Is she using her tray?

lavenderdoilly Fri 18-Mar-16 14:48:13

Suggest play to tease her out - feather toy/flying frenzy. Google Jackson Galaxy a US cat behaviourist.

ThisIsme2 Fri 18-Mar-16 14:51:44

When I got my first cat years and years ago, he lived under my bed for a couple of weeks. He only came out at night when it was dark and I was in bed and then he'd eat a tiny bit and use his tray. He came round eventually and became a lovely family pet, very loving.

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