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Outdoor cat house

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Sleepingtom Mon 14-Mar-16 21:22:22

I bought this for our cat who, to cut a very long story short, won't come inside:

However, my husband is worried that foxes might corner the cat in it and there would be no escape. Anyone have any thoughts? I really want to put it out for the cat have bought a self-heating cat mat for it too but now worried in case he is right.

We do have foxes at the bottom of our back garden often but they have never seemed interested in our cats or their food. The cat house would be outside the front of our house.

blankmind Tue 15-Mar-16 13:08:46

I have three who live outside, their pen is lined with Jablite and contains a polystyrene box which I put fresh bedding in whenever theirs has got wet.
(both need 'airing off' for a couple of weeks before use to get rid of their new strong chemical smell)

I have the pen on a table, in front of a south-facing wall. There's a garden chair by the table so they can get into it by climbing on that or jumping directly onto the table.

Could you put your pen higher up so the cat will have a sense of security and the ability to ward off any attackers? And provide some means of access that a fox wouldn't be likely to climb?

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