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What else can I try with cat who is weeing everywhere?

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Alfieisnoisy Mon 14-Mar-16 13:28:02

Feeling really quite negative at the moment about one of my cats.

I have three cats, two are rescues and I have no issues with them. The one I have problems with is the pampered Ragdoll boy who is just a nightmare with regard to weeing everywhere.

History is that he was my parents cat and they had similar issues with him. They then moved to a one bed flat with no garden due to my Dad increasingly becoming unwell (dementia) and I took the cat on as he was weeing everywhere there and Dad couldn't cope.

I have literally tried everything. He has been vet checked for UTIs and underlying issues which have all been ruled out.

We have Feliway plug ins.

I have one litter tray for each cat plus one extra.

I give him lots of individual attention.

All to no avail...

I recently bought a rug to cover multiple stains on the living room carpet and he has pissed on it multiple times. Problem is that I don't always catch him at it and only realise when I step in the wet patch.

My vet has now drawn a blank and all we can come up wi is that he is insecure in a multi cat household.

He has been in the garden all morning as the sun is out and yet came in and ate then had a wee on the rug. I only realised as I came into the room and caught him scratching over where he had done it. Yes it is wet...he has soaked it again.

I love him to bits but quite honestly I will never have a Tom cat EVER again as it is the first time I have ever had this with a cat.

He is gorgeous and loving, hugely cuddly and loved to snuggle up on the sofa in the evenings and I adore him but am honestly wondering if he would do better as a single cat in another home.

I am reluctant to part with him as even with a rescue I would worry about where he ended up. Another issue is that I never part with my cats...this would be a first if I did so.

Before I think about it further though I just wonder if anyone here has any magic ideas.

Am at the end of my tether tbh.

Booboostwo Mon 14-Mar-16 14:37:22

There are a few things you could try, probably some will work in conjunction with others.

Clean up accidents thoroughly. Use a UV light to find urine stains and use enzyme cleaners like Simple Solution.

Place litter trays everywhere he likes to go and try different types of tray (covered) and sand.

Try LitterAttract, you add this to the litter.

Try Prozac, your vet has to prescribe this but it can be surprisingly effective.

Contain him in a smaller space for a few weeks and regularly place him in the tray.

Reward him for going in the tray.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 14-Mar-16 17:05:53

Have you tried cystease tablets?.

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