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Rescue cat settled in beautifully for a fortnight but now the fighting has started

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Emochild Sun 13-Mar-16 11:47:18

Rescue came 2 weeks ago, quite bold but had a sniff of the existing cats and they all pretty much left each other alone

The last 24 hours though he's been bullying my 2 boys -chasing them round, fur flying but no injuries

My 2 have retreated to the garden

What do I do?

AdriftOnMemoryBliss Tue 15-Mar-16 00:40:53

its a dominance territory thing, it will happen.

if tails a fluffing and there is hissing and spitting, then try some feliway and break it up with distraction.

you could also try adding more 'territory' for them all to claim, so add a couple of beds, some blankets/scent soakers in important spots...etc

cozietoesie Thu 17-Mar-16 23:06:35

How has it been today?

Emochild Fri 18-Mar-16 19:01:25

We are playing swap the cats -1 out 1 in

He is trying to bully my existing cat

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