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Our cat is going into a cattery - get another cat before or after?

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lottielou7 Sun 13-Mar-16 11:37:36

We're going on holiday later this year and I've booked our cat into a cattery that I liked in plenty of time. She's a ragdoll and gets very lonely by herself - she doesn't like to be left alone and follows us everywhere. We are thinking of getting another cat and I'm wondering if we should get the cat before we go on holiday so that our existing girl will have some company while she's in the cattery. Or whether it would be better to wait until after the holiday. We aren't going away for about 6 months yet. I've booked a place for her which can house up to three cats so booking another one in should not be a problem in theory although I would check this.

gamerchick Sun 13-Mar-16 19:57:57

Can you get one now so they can get properly used to each other?

lottielou7 Sun 13-Mar-16 20:20:06

Yes we could get one soon. Do you think it would be better for her if she had another cat with her while we're away?

gamerchick Sun 13-Mar-16 21:04:57

I honestly don't know. The husband wants another cat because ours is no bother but I'm a don't fix it if it ain't broke type.

However thinking from your PoV I would want it all done and dusted well in advance rather than after when they might be unsettled for a bit after the cattery and familier company while in there may be a plus.

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