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Bought a GPS collar

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OddsandSods Tue 08-Mar-16 12:24:25

So one of my boys lost another collar with a loc8tor on it. They are also going out of range for the loc8tor so thought I'd try something new.

I bought a Pawtrack GPS collar and thought you might be interested in hearing about it as we have had GPS chats on here before.

So it seems pretty good, you basically charge it for a couple of hours and then strap it on. It tracks by GPS every 10 mins (you can adjust this and click on a button if you want an immediate reading) then when they come home it finds the wifi and shuts down. Battery lasts for some days. You can see what battery you have left, where your cat has been and where they are now on the Pawtrack webpage (they give you a password). It's been quite scary to see how far their territory ranges and explains why they don't always come now when I rattle their dishes or bleep the Loc8tor.

So far so good, I've ordered another for my other cat. It weighs 50g but is quite bulky, mine are Burmese so not small and it's on the tightest setting. I think they can make them smaller if you ask. He seemed comfortable wearing it. Some of the GPS positions I don't believe but apparently the more you search the more accurate it gets. Customer service has been good so far and they off your money back if you're not happy. Quite expensive @£125 but it offers me some peace of mind so is worth it I think. Plus God knows where they were losing the loc8tors but was costing me £20 a pop.

Any questions just ask, I'll feed back more as we keep testing them.

Oldraver Wed 09-Mar-16 17:14:44

So it tracks them in 'real time' so you know where they are when they are out ?

OddsandSods Wed 09-Mar-16 20:38:51

It does, you can set it to pick them up every 10 mins or longer but you can also press an update button and it will locate where they are at that time. You can also set a boundary on the map which emails you if they go outside of it. You can view the map as a normal street map, the street view or satellite. It finds it hard to detect them if they go in a building but at least you will have an idea of where they were last and can narrow your search. I was surprised their territory was not where I thought it would be.

moonbells Fri 11-Mar-16 14:51:26

I guess if one falls off then you just go to the location given and find it! I have been thinking about one that records position but doesn't do it real-time. I'm fed up of my two putting weight on whilst on a strict diet at home, so we are sure they are six-dinner sids.

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