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Reason #352 why cats are awesome

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ImaginaryCat Wed 02-Mar-16 11:15:48

We picked up our new girl from the CPL yesterday. DDs and I have been wearing DP down for a year and he finally relented, although still mutters about "stupid cats".

So where did she spend her first night in her new home? Lying on DP's sleeping body, staring at him like Eddie from Friends, so every time he woke, there she was, just staring.

I bloody love cats. Their sole purpose is to fuck with our heads.

cozietoesie Wed 02-Mar-16 12:39:46

Now that was clever! (Nobble the antis and everything else is plain sailing.)

Has he started to refer to her as 'My Girl' yet? grin

Where's the picture by the way? smile

ImaginaryCat Wed 02-Mar-16 12:41:51

She's got no ears and odd coloured eyes. Love a wonky cat, me!

cozietoesie Wed 02-Mar-16 12:45:37

She looks like a TopCat. Lovely girl. smile

Did her ears have to be removed by the vet?

ImaginaryCat Wed 02-Mar-16 12:58:22

Yup, she got skin cancer living overseas where the rescue didn't have time to apply sunscreen in the tropical temperature. Hopefully the UK weather poses less risk!

cozietoesie Wed 02-Mar-16 13:02:32

Something all white-eared cats have the possibility of getting.

They look well healed now though?

ImaginaryCat Wed 02-Mar-16 13:11:50

Well she seems very happy having the top of her head scratched, practically demands it, so she clearly isn't sensitive there. I think she'll have DP completely cowed in no time. Once again cats rule the world.

6cats3gingerkittens Thu 03-Mar-16 03:35:56

She's a cracker of a cat! There is no doubt who will be in charge in future. Just do as you are told and all will be well.

Broken1Girl Thu 03-Mar-16 04:02:06

grin She's brilliant. Yes, remember who is boss and all will be well.

KitKatCustard Thu 03-Mar-16 11:29:41

That is one gorgeous cat! (May be biased as I had a white with tabby patches cat who was a belter)

Rollypoly100 Thu 03-Mar-16 12:41:20

What a gorgeous girl and rescue cats have so much love to give (once they're absolutely sure about you)

coffeeisnectar Thu 03-Mar-16 16:24:10

She's lovely! Your dp will come round. When he thinks you aren't listening you'll hear him talking to her in a soppy voice and calling her "darling" or "pretty girl" <eyes up own dp who was adamant one cat was enough who is cuddling cat number four>

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