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Gutted for my mum (WARNING UPSETTING)

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Friendlystories Wed 02-Mar-16 10:28:41

Her beautiful boy was hit by a car last night and had to be put to sleep and his partner in crime has been missing ever since. We're not sure if she was hit too or is hiding because she's scared. I've rung round all the local vets, CPL etc and put an appeal on the lost and found sites and am sorting some posters to put up later, can anyone think of anything else I can do? It's bad enough my mum has lost her boy but not knowing what's happened to her girl is just awful sad

jaxtsoldlady Wed 02-Mar-16 10:29:59

How terrible. I really hope she is found soon. stdavids

NanoTechMum Wed 02-Mar-16 10:33:38

How terrible.
My one cat heard the other one die and hid for about 24 hours. The difference is that she hid in a wardrobe so she wasn't missing. Hopefully your mum's cat is just too scared to come out and will do so soon.

calamityjam Wed 02-Mar-16 10:34:44

I feel really bad for your mum, we lost our cat to a speeding driver a few years ago. Around here people tend to use the local Facebook sites to look for missing pets. It does seem to have a high success rate, I actually used it myself recently when our dog got out. We found her ourselves luckily but I had loads of positive responses from locals saying they would look out for her.

Friendlystories Wed 02-Mar-16 10:46:58

Just found a local FB page for my mums village so have put it on there and my SIL has done the local selling pages. Mums road does get used as a cut through but there are speed bumps and her cats are normally quite road savvy and cautious, just can't believe it's happened, he was such a lovely boy too sad

cozietoesie Wed 02-Mar-16 10:51:42

Fingers crossed for her.

RobotMenu Wed 02-Mar-16 11:31:24

Torch at nighttime and comb the area in the day?

When my cat went missing, I read that they can go into hiding and if scared or injured, then they won't move or make a sound for anything.

The torch at night will potentially shine own eyes. In the day check under every bush and in every gap.

If there is a tiny chance she is in the same area, could you borrow a humane cat trap and out food in it?

I hope you find her. sad

roseandgrey Wed 02-Mar-16 18:22:22

Any news OP? flowers

timtam23 Wed 02-Mar-16 20:45:14

So sorry to hear about poor boycat and I really hope that girlcat has turned up.

Friendlystories Wed 02-Mar-16 21:01:48

She's home smilesmilesmile turned up on the doorstep very wet and hungry but doesn't seem injured. So relieved, mum will take her for a check up in the morning but think she must have just been scared and hiding. Doesn't make up for losing her lovely boy but at least mum's not left worrying and wondering what had happened to her. Thanks for all your support flowers

RobotMenu Wed 02-Mar-16 21:22:49

Oh thank goodness. Lots of cuddles tonight flowers

timtam23 Wed 02-Mar-16 21:42:25

So glad to hear that she's back. flowers

cozietoesie Wed 02-Mar-16 22:31:37

That's good to hear.

KitKatCustard Thu 03-Mar-16 11:27:38

Very glad girlcat is ok. And so sorry about boycat sad

lavenderdoilly Thu 03-Mar-16 11:33:46

So glad and so sad. What a horrible

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