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Most annoying things your cat does

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CheshireChat Fri 19-Feb-16 15:17:43

I love my cat, but she can be SO annoying. She'll strech out on the stairs and refuse to move or turn belly up and the roll off, she follows me around meowing but doesn't want anything. She wants to come in the living room, nope she's changed her mind and then meows pitifully she's been shut out. She'll copy my toddler- she started climbing on chairs and the window sill after she watched him hmm confused.

So I'd like to hear what other people put up with.

Narp Fri 19-Feb-16 15:19:53

Mine is 20 and totally deaf, so I forgive her everything.

But she does sometimes jump out of the litter tray before she's finished, leaving a nugget on the carpet. nice.

CheshireChat Fri 19-Feb-16 15:23:04

My gran's cat passed away at 26 so you'll have lots of forgiving to do wink.

Frenchfemme Fri 19-Feb-16 15:23:13

Jumps on my back, all claws out, and bites my head. It was cute when she did it in the cat refuge, but 3 yrs on just painful!

Narp Fri 19-Feb-16 15:24:43


I hope so, but she's got hyperthyroidism, and the kidneys are looking a bit dodgy, so we'll see

Hassled Fri 19-Feb-16 15:26:15

Old Boy Cat has taken to crapping behind the piano whenever he decides the weather's not all that. The first time it was actually snowing, so I sort of saw his point - but there have been 2 subsequent times when he was just being ridiculous. He's perfectly capable of going outside - it's just a weather thing. It HAS to stop.

CatBastard comes and sits on the desk, in front of the monitor. He is not transparent, so that makes MN-ing very difficult. When I am reading the paper in the morning, he comes and sits on it. He left muddy pawmarks on the work that ds2 needed to hand in to university.

He also bites you if you stroke him too much/not enough/the wrong way. Or if he feels like biting you - hence his nickname, CatBastard.

Sunnybitch Fri 19-Feb-16 15:37:52

One of mine is only little (not a kitten just small) so is very good at hiding in places like behind cushions and then gives me the evil death stare when she gets sat on hmm she also thinks that anything fluffy, comfy and freshly washed has been done for her furry ass to sit on. And when she wants a cuddle No is NOT an option.
My big tom will do anything for a cuddle also and thinks my leather dining chairs are his personal scarce posts angry

maskapony Fri 19-Feb-16 15:44:29

OlderButSmaller cat miaows pathetically to be let out, then refuses to budge once the door is open. He also doesn't like walking around things, he'd rather go over/through/under even if that means significantly more effort (and destruction) is required.

YoungerButBigger cat wants to be at the highest point of whatever room he's in. This includes sitting on the top of the door if necessary.

Sunnybitch Fri 19-Feb-16 15:46:52


Goingtobeawesome Fri 19-Feb-16 15:51:28

I can't think of anything.

Oh yes, they bring in dead animals.

CheshireChat Fri 19-Feb-16 15:52:17

maskapony how does your cat sit on top of the door confused? Surely it's not wide enough. I can guess what happens if you open the door though.

Sunnybitch Fri 19-Feb-16 15:53:08

narp my mum's cat is 22 and sleeps most of the time but still thinks he's a kitten when hes awake. He does mad laps around the living room for ten minutes, knocking everything flying then goes back to sleep. He's also as deaf as a lamp post so is forgiven for everything grin

spillyobeans Fri 19-Feb-16 15:55:33


teabagsmummy Fri 19-Feb-16 16:00:56

My cat likes to grab people's legs then bite there calf. We know when's going to do it as he gets a glint in his eye. Cue hysterical screaming from my 9 year ds

Sunnybitch Fri 19-Feb-16 16:02:37

I don't mind the dead ones murdering evil bastards it's the live ones that are a pain in the ass! We've had
Baby rabbits
baby squirrel
even a bloody toad...
I was sitting at the table one day and one of Dm cats popped his head in the cat flap (and I mean just his head) dropped a live mouse on the floor and fucked off. This resulted in me chasing the bloody thing round the kitchen for over an hour and when I finally caught it and took it over to the woods to let it go it thanked me by shitting in my hand and biting me little fucker

YesItsMeIDontCare Fri 19-Feb-16 16:06:13

My furry baby is no longer with me, but he always used to insist on getting under my chin. Lap was not good enough because it meant I could do things (watch TV, Mumsnet) and not pay full attention to him. Under the chin I couldn't do a bloody thing!

Still miss him like crazy though.

Sunnybitch Fri 19-Feb-16 16:09:40

Awww yesits what a handsome boy

weegiemum Fri 19-Feb-16 16:11:39

Bella the Fella (due to unfortunate sex confusion as a kitten) wants me to turn off the rain.

(S)he sits at the door, plaintively looking out and mewing, runs back and forward to me, mewing, goes out and comes back in, mewing and just won't give up.

It might be ok, but we live in bloody Glasgow! It's always raining!

MissFlight Fri 19-Feb-16 16:14:44

One of mine used to lay on a stair and attack your feet when you tried to step over her. She also used to sit on dps head and bite his ears grin

problembottom Fri 19-Feb-16 16:28:59

He has learned how to put our bedside lights on. They have a touch base and he switches one on in the early hours if he's bored. Pretty annoying.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 19-Feb-16 16:44:35

Puts muddy paw prints everywhere, spider pig stylee, found them five feet up a wall & on the sloping bit over the stairs.

I'm surprised the landing windowsill has any paint left on it, I must wipe it half a dozen times a day.

Turtle Mats are Useless against his super muddy paws.

Yes Your boy looks super gorgeous.

maskapony Fri 19-Feb-16 19:36:30

Cheshire he walks onto it from the top of a bookshelf next to the door. He can only do it if the door's open (obviously!), looks kind of like a cat sitting on a fence. I can't find a picture but another annoying thing he does is watch me in the bath hmm

Narp Fri 19-Feb-16 19:53:04


My girl's temperament is so sunny and loving now. She was nervy for the first years we had her (rescue centre, age 2).

problembottom - OMG that's funny!. But annoying

SDTG - ds1 has been away for the week. Cat has missed him and his incessant laptopping as she sits on him/it for much of the time

PollyPocket100 Fri 19-Feb-16 19:57:56

One of mine likes to splash water around with her paws out of her bowl or the sink if I'm about to wash up). The other opens the back door for no apparent reason (bathroom window is always open for her).

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