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I didn't know a cat could be so much a part of the family!

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whaleshark Tue 16-Feb-16 09:46:18

I have had a cat for about 8 years. He was feral, and has gradually learned to trust us over the years, but has remained very standoffish. We love him but interaction with him is very limited due to his background. I had never really thought anything of it, just assumed that it how cats are.

At the start of this year we got a kitten. Within a couple of weeks the difference was staggering. She craves human contact. As soon as we are awake in the morning, she is in the bed, under the covers, cuddling up with us. The moment you sit down anywhere in the house, she is there, wanting to sit on you. She talks constantly, and has a variety of different sounds, so you can almost have a conversation with her. She is currently playing with DS, stalking him, while he chucks himself around on the floor. They are both having a great time. I can see now why people end up with houses filled with cats!

cozietoesie Tue 16-Feb-16 09:49:27

Oh Yes. You're adding a new personality to the mix.

Great isn't it ? smile

iloveeverykindofcat Tue 16-Feb-16 17:37:01

I love talkers! Before my latest cat I had no idea they could produce such an expressive range of noises.

whaleshark Wed 17-Feb-16 14:07:36

Great isn't it. I am slightly less keen on her occasional switch from cute sleeping kitten, to attacking everything that moves, in seconds. We are all constantly covered in scratches!smile

cozietoesie Wed 17-Feb-16 14:18:16

Kittens. grin In a few years' time, you'll probably wonder where that little frenzy went.

When is she due to be neutered?

SevenOfNineTrue Wed 17-Feb-16 16:29:26

Beware of introducing your kitten to a laser pen. Mine is hooked! She shouts at the wall for the beam to come back!

lljkk Wed 17-Feb-16 16:45:06

awwww... we demand piccie

whaleshark Fri 19-Feb-16 18:19:01

Pictures as requested. grin

cozietoesie Fri 19-Feb-16 18:26:52

She's a wee honey. (A sleepy wee honey in the second picture it looks like. smile)

Wolfiefan Fri 19-Feb-16 18:28:41

How pretty! Our girls mauled us all when we got them in September. Much calmer now!

SparklesandBangs Fri 19-Feb-16 18:48:02

Our newish cat (had about 4 years) is completely different from her predecessor. She likes to be in the room with you, often on you, she has a cuddle every evening with DH when he settles down to watch tv and is happiest sleeping on the bed with someone every night. In this morning DH gets up first so she wakes up and the proceeds to jump on me and stand on my chest until I wake up, just what is needed at 6am. She is a talker, can't come in the cat flap without passing a comment. She also turns from calm nice kitty having a stroke to crazed kitty in a heartbeat, especially to DD16 but never with young children.
But best of all she likes to play with her toys which live in a tall pot in the lounge, if you won't play she just goes to the pot and tips it over so she can get to the toys.
Previous cat slept, stalked prey and hid from visitors.

lljkk Fri 19-Feb-16 18:59:51

awww... plain black cats the best personalities IME.

whaleshark Thu 25-Feb-16 17:51:02

Just booked her in to be spayed on Monday. I know it has to be done, but I am dreading it already! I'm glad she has no idea what is coming at least.

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