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Help with RE training after a house move please

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DarkBlueEyes Thu 11-Feb-16 17:47:33

We moved in November with two cats, and lurking on here, decided to keep them inside for 3 weeks. They used the litter tray no problem apart from the odd confused accident. They always went outside to do their business in the old house. It took ages to get a catflap, but now they've got one, they can't be bothered to go out to wee! I moved the catflap gradually and then moved it outside near the flap and the accidents started - on the duvet, in a suitcase and IN MY FECKING TENNIS BAG (boak).

Help! I put the cat flap back in and that's stopped it (as well as some extreme cleaning), but I don't want to watch them pooing while I have my breakfast!

Any top tips please? Or do I have to wait until the weather is better and just leave the back door open with the litter tray moved 6 inches?

Thanks ladies. somehow I just imagined they'd replicate their previous habits but they don't want to go outside....

cozietoesie Thu 11-Feb-16 19:17:36

They've likely discovered the pleasure of doing their duty in the warm. I'd get another tray if I were you.

DarkBlueEyes Thu 11-Feb-16 19:24:54

That's what I'm worried about...

cozietoesie Thu 11-Feb-16 20:38:59


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